6 Filling & Capping Insights for CBD Oil Bottles

Filling & Capping Insights For CBD Oil Bottles

Discover smart ways to simplify and improve CBD oil manufacturing and packaging operations.

Using a tincture bottle for your CBD oil is a practical choice that can be easily customized for current packaging trends. There are more decisions to make, however, to stay competitive in the CBD oil market, which is projected to surpass the $2 billion value mark in 2025. With such a favorable outlook, now may be the perfect time to invest in equipment that can help take your CBD oil business to the next level.


Whether you’re a manufacturer who makes CBD oil or a company responsible for packaging and labeling these products, it’s essential to consider every angle of your processes. This means choosing the right colored bottle to protect your CBD oil and finding ways to ensure that each label is executed to meet your high standards (whether in-house or outsourced).

It’s also important to look for opportunities to increase your production speed without sacrificing quality. Investing in both a filling machine and a capping machine is a smart way to boost your efficiency and get your CBD oil to market quickly.

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What can an automatic filling machine do for you?

A quality filling machine will offer an innovative control system that provides many different options. A tube filling machine is capable of handling different types of viscous and semi-viscous products, including CBD oil. The FL-12 model offered by Pack Leader USA is equipped with high-grade filling pumps and features a user-friendly touchscreen interface.

Boost your productivity

Labeling-Equipment_FL-12The FL-12 filling machine is capable of filling 15-30 bottles per minute (subject to filling capacity). It has a fill range that can easily accommodate the popular 30mL sized CBD oil bottles that many consumers prefer. This filling machine is flexible enough to handle any production schedule, offers variable speed control, and features an emergency stop function.

A label count feature lets you precisely track progress at any point during the production run. The FL-12 filling machine helps increase productivity by allowing you to save product parameters, making it easy to switch between various CBD oil products or flavors.

Ensure accurate filling

With a filling machine, you’ll no longer have to worry about wasting valuable CBD oil when employees overfill or miss the bottle opening. The FL-12 filling machine’s bottle gating system accurately locates bottles under each filling station. Better still, the system allows for a precision fill with an accuracy of +/-0.5%. Customers appreciate this uniformity, so they always know they are getting the full amount of CBD oil that they’ve paid.

Provide peace of mind

Along with being easy to install and operate, this filling machine is constructed of high-quality materials and needs very little maintenance for maximum performance and longevity. The FL-12 CBD oil filling machine is manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and meets ISO 9001 quality control procedures to provide the utmost confidence during inspections.

For the ideal pairing, the FL-12 can be connected perfectly inline with Pack Leader USA’s semi-automatic capping machine.

Why invest in a capping machine for CBD oil?

A versatile capping machine will be easy to adjust according to your CBD oil bottle specifications. In fact, you can make needed changes at each stage in the process. From sorting and feeding to cap placing and bottle movement, Pack Leader USA’s CP-10 capping machine allows you to customize and accommodate different CBD oil products.

Labeling-Equipment_CP-10Increase the flexibility of your production line

Equipped with adjustable guide rails and a sturdy conveyor system, this capping machine provides the flexibility needed to accommodate a variety of CBD oil sizes and flavors. The capping range of 20ml – 50ml works beautifully for a 30mL CBD oil tincture bottle.


As with the FL-12 filling machine, the CP-10 offers variable speed control, is flexible enough to handle any production schedule, and is capable of handling product changes quickly and simply.

Improve efficiency, quality, and safety

The speed of the CP-10 will vastly increase your efficiency over capping by hand. It also features a capping head controlled by a torque motor, ensuring that it will be powerful enough for tight seals.

Proper capping is important in ensuring product freshness, stability, and shelf life — as well as reducing the risk of leakage. The integrity of the container’s closure and seal must be maintained. For added security and customer confidence, it’s also a good idea to make sure you’re up to date with current FDA guidelines and add a tamper-evident seal

Grow into the future

Like the FL-12 automatic filling machine, the CP-10 capping machine is user-friendly, easy-to-maintain, durable, and fully compliant with GMP standards and ISO 9001 quality control procedures.

Pack Leader USA offers a complete line of modular equipment that works seamlessly together to fulfill your labeling, filling and capping, and pack-out needs. Our rigorously tested automation technology will help you move CBD oil through your line quicker, easier, and better than ever — positioning your business to take full advantage of the growing popularity of CBD oil.

What equipment is right for your CBD oil operation?

No matter how fast you’re able to produce CBD oil, inefficient filling, capping, and packaging processes can limit your speed to market. Even after realizing this, it may seem challenging to find the right equipment for your products among the many options of filling machines, capping machines, and labeling machines available. 

That’s why Pack Leader USA strives to simplify this process for you. We offer equipment that works seamlessly together, backed by amazing service – all from one trusted, reliable source.

A great way to start learning more about this equipment is to download our free guide, developed specifically for the Cannabis & CBD industry.

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