At Pack Leader USA we never stop engineering the very best components and equipment to make your packaging operation more efficient and effective. In addition to our vast line of labeling equipment, Pack Leader USA manufactures a Tamper-Evident Shrink Band Tunnel. This add-on is flexible and convenient, and works hand-in-hand with your hand applied sleeves, or machine applied sleeves for quality results.

About the Tamper-Evident Shrink Band Tunnel

The Tamper-Evident Shrink Band Tunnel is lightweight, economic and provides a reliable shrink to your sleeve applicator. Simple height adjustments provide control and efficiency, enabling quick change-over for different product specifications and requirements.

Benefits of Adding a Tamper-Evident Shrink Band Tunnel To Your Line

The tunnel has been credited with providing companies with an affordable neck and cap banding, tamper-evident application option. You’ll see for yourself when you use it for the first time and experience the simple design in action. Here are a few advantages that the Tamper-Evident Shrink Band Tunnel offers:

  • Ease of Use - The modular design of Pack Leader USA machines means you can directly mount the Tamper-Evident Shrink Band Tunnel onto most conveyors, eliminating the need for a floor stand. This reduces lead-time and ensures that our clients will be up and running with new labeling projects sooner than expected.

  • Dependable Performance - Even heat distribution provides a reliable, uniform film application. A reliable design doesn’t just ensure efficient production with low energy consumption – it gives your machine the durability it needs for long-term dependability.

  • Built to Last - In strict compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards, the Tamper-Evident Shrink Band Tunnel is made from durable 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum. The durability translates into an easy-to-maintain shrink sleeve labeling option with a long, durable life.

  • Exceptional Support - With all of Pack Leader USA’s high-quality products, customers from around the world receive support exactly when they need it - benefiting from 24x7 customer service from the company’s expert, U.S.-based support team.

Featured Samples

Label Type:

Shrink Sleeve


  • Long lasting 3000-watt heating elements
  • Variable temperature controls
  • Power requirement: 208-240 VAC @ 30Amps, Single phase


  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Industrial forward curve blower
  • User-friendly height adjustment
  • Comes equipped with tool-less adjustments
  • Mounts on almost any conveyor
  • Bottle heights from 1” to 12”
  • Comes with power cord, just add your connector
  • Length: 22”


  • The tunnel is available in either a 3” or 6” wide configuration
  • An auto-lift upgrade is available in case your conveyor pauses. The tunnel will detect the absence of movement on the conveyor and raise up to avoid excess temperature on the conveyor chain or wear strips.

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