Cannabis products are taking on new forms all the time. As a leader in the cannabis industry, you need labeling equipment that can handle all kinds of container types. Whether you're packaging your products in bags, jars or even pop top containers, there is a labeling solution for you. Not only are there labeling machines for all different styles of containers, there are also convenient table top options and fully automated inline options to fit any scale of production.

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ELF-20 Tabletop Top Labeler

Pack Leader’s incredible table top labeler designed specifically for labeling bags of edibles or flower.


ELF-50 Tabletop Wrap Around Labeler

If you’ve been searching for a wrap around labeler to handle your glass jars, the ELF-50 table top labeler will get the job done in a jiffy.


PL-211 Top Labeler

This semi-automatic machine is versatile enough to handle both stand-alone and inline operations for labeling tops of jars, bags and pop tops.


PL-521 Horizontal Wrap Around Labeler

For those needing an inline wrap around option, the PL-521 is capable of either semi-automatic or automatic labeling in a horizontal orientation, making it perfect for latch top containers and tall, skinny tubes.


PL-501 Wrap Around Labeler

An upright wrap around labeler similar to the PL-521. This machine is great for wrap around labeling of jars and pop tops at high speeds.


PRO-515 Inline Labeler

If you’re ready for the big leagues, the PRO-515 is a fully automatic inline machine best for large scale production. It can be used for wrap around labeling of glass jars and pop top containers at incredible speeds.


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