Did You Know: Cannabis Infused Products Are Spreading Like Wildfire!


As legal cannabis has become increasingly popular in the last several years, cannabis connoisseurs are becoming even more creative when it comes to infusing cannabis in everyday recipes. With this new experimentation and willingness to try new things, comes a great responsibility to present your products as legitimate and safe for consumers. That's why it's important to ensure that your products are packaged professionally and labeled clearly with all necessary information for shoppers to use your cannabis infused edibles and beverages as they were intended. Here are just a few of the areas that you should be keeping an eye on as cannabis infused products head to market:


Edibles come in many forms these days. While the most common edibles are candies, there are also some savory options out there such as pizza sauce. Of course, cannabis infused pizza sauce needs to be perfectly packaged to maintain the freshness of the ingredients and the effectiveness of the cannabinoids. This can be accomplished with the help of canning or glass jars. The best labeling machines for these types of containers include:

  • ELF-50- Entry level product labeling with tabletop convenience. This is perfect for your first few test batches.
  • PL-501 - An automatic wrap around labeler with the ability to fit in-line with your packaging equipment.
  • PRO-515 - Fully automatic and built for large scale production, this is the next level of product labeling.


Cannabis infused beverages are also becoming very popular thanks to the ease of consumption and transport. Most often these products are being sold in small cans, but plastic and glass bottles are also available. There are several options available for those selling cannabis infused coffees, teas and sodas.

  • ELF-50 - Tabletop labeling for any size bottles or cans.
  • PL-501 - Semi or fully automatic with in-line potential. Can speed up your production process by several times.
  • PL-501-NL - An upgraded version of the PL-501 which includes a neck labeler for glass bottles and jars, giving your products a more sophisticated look.
  • PRO-515 - Ideal for ramping up to maximum capacity.


Botanicals are a particularly special type of product in the cannabis world. They need to be treated with great care and packaged in a way that they will not be damaged. Companies who endeavor to sell botanicals must also be mindful of how their product labeling can affect the quality of their product when it reaches their customers. The most common ways to package botanicals include tubes and jars for easy dispensing. The following machines are built to assist with product labeling for your botanicals:

  • PL-501 - Wrap around labeling for small jars.
  • PL-521 - Perfect for wrap around labeling of small tubes similar to the size of makeup applicators. Great for topical products, etc.
  • PL-221 - Great for top and bottom labeling of shallow jars.
  • SL-77 - Shrink sleeve labeling for tubes, and for tamper-proof seals on your cannabis products.


Finally, of all the cannabis infused products we're seeing these days, extracts remain one of the best selling options. Many people choose extracts because they are easy to use and simpler for managing personal dosage. For the most part, manufacturers use very small bottles for extracts, including those with eye droppers. Here are the best product labeling options for your extracts:

  • PL-521 - Made for handling very small bottles and tubes, this horizontal label applicator can get the job done.
  • SL-77 - Keeping your extracts perfectly sealed is of utmost importance. Shrink sleeve labeling is a great way to accomplish this.

As the list of cannabis infused products expands, the need for more creative and professional labeling options is dire. Pack Leader USA hopes to be part of the solution by offering a wide range of cannabis labeling equipment suited to any size and style of containers. Hopefully this guide gave you a good idea of how you can label your products depending on how you choose to package and present them.

To learn more about labeling equipment from Pack Leader USA, contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

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