What to Consider in Cannabis Packaging [Trends, Requirements, & More]

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Over the last several years, the cannabis industry has been experiencing more growth than ever. With more states continuing to legalize cannabis products, consumer demand will continue to rise. Additionally, derivative products of cannabis, such as CBD are continuing to grow in popularity, especially in states where cannabis products are not fully legal. 

With more products hitting the market, you are probably looking for ways to help your brand stand out. If you are looking for ways to refresh your cannabis or CBD product line but don't know where to start, this blog post is for you. Let’s discuss current cannabis packaging trends, regulations, and our number one secret on how you can stand out on the shelf!

What are the Current Cannabis Packaging & Labeling Trends?

We get it, keeping up with current trends is difficult! Regarding cannabis packaging and labeling, it can be hard to find trends that follow state guidelines and regulations. However, a few popular trends will keep your products up to date while also following state requirements! 


Sustainable packaging is always a customer favorite, no matter which industry you’re in. Especially for cannabis and CBD products, having sustainable packaging matters. Within the industry, companies are making the switch from plastic to materials that are recyclable and biodegradable. In the eyes of consumers, cannabis products are seen as green and environmentally friendly. With this correlation in mind, sustainable packaging tends to do exceptionally well within the industry. 

Changing to sustainable packaging can be pricey, but there are a few great ways to get the job done, depending on your budget. Bioplastic and hemp seed paper are more affordable than other biodegradable options. 


Customizing your cannabis and CBD labels has become a popular trend in recent years. With the growth that the market is experiencing, basic packaging has become an eye-sore to customers. Having a unique design on your cannabis or CBD labels helps you stand out amongst your competitors. Additionally, creating your own brand aesthetic helps consumers remember your products, which could lead to more returning customers. 

Having a unique and customizable design is always a great idea, but check with your state regulations before creating your design. Specific images or words may be defined as misleading and should not be included on your cannabis or CBD labels. However, playing around with colors and typography is always a safe bet!


Keeping your packaging simple and to the point will always be in style. If you are adding unnecessary details to your cannabis or CBD labels, customers will not be able to easily find the information that they are looking for. When this process becomes complicated, they will not be inclined to purchase your product and will put it right back on the shelf.


Finding new packaging materials that are more uniquely shaped will help your product stand out amongst your competitors. Innovative packaging has become more popular specifically with edible cannabis products. Depending on the serving size, these edible products could have fewer packaging requirements, depending on the state. This allows for companies to introduce different packaging options that may not be commonly available with other competitors. 


The biggest and most important cannabis and CBD packaging trend within the industry is compliance. State regulations are always changing, which is why we recommend that you stay up to date on policies within your area. Not only will this prevent any issues from arising, but it will help your packaging stay up to date. 

Cannabis Packaging & Label Requirements

Now that we have discussed different ways to refresh your CBD or cannabis packaging, let’s dive into the importance of following state regulations when choosing your packaging and designing your labels.

Remember that these are the most common regulations across the board, but they can vary depending on your state.


If you are thinking about switching up your product packaging, keep in mind that there are a few guidelines that you should be aware of before making your selection. First, it is important that all packaging for cannabis products are both child-resistant and tamper-evident. This is beneficial for both you and your consumers. Additionally, if you’re producing edible products, your packaging must be opaque and resealable if it is more than one serving. 


Label requirements label greatly amongst different states, which makes it important for you to complete proper research. However, there are a few regulations that are more common than others. 

Most products consist of two labels on their product: the front and back panels. Most states have regulations on what is to be included on your front and back labels, with the most essential information on the front. Some regulations you may be required to include are product identification, the universal symbol, net weight or volume, and the amount of THC in the product. 

The Best Way to Achieve a Brand Refresh 

Now that you have a few ideas of how you can refresh your packaging and are up to date on state regulations, you’re probably feeling ready to get the ball rolling. However, one critical step to consider is how you will apply your cannabis or CBD labels onto your new packaging. Whether you are a smaller business or are just looking for a better way to get the job done and revamp your production line, you should consider investing in labeling equipment

Make the Next Move 

Labeling CBD bottles by hand is time-consuming, difficult, and inefficient for your business. If you’re looking to refresh your product line, investing in a wrap around labeler for your CBD products is the best way to start. Finding the right labeling equipment whether its a jar label machine or one of the many other container labeling types of equipment for your business needs is an overwhelming process, which is why we want to help. Our “Finding The Right Wrap Around Labeling Equipment for CBD” guide teaches you everything you need to know about choosing the right machine for your CBD labels to help get you started on the right track.