How Cannabis Bag Label Applicators Can Freshen Your Look


There are a number of benefits that come with packaging your marijuana products in a bag instead of a jar or other container. The biggest reasons include maintaining the freshness of your product while blocking out harmful light and air. Bags can also be more discreet and easier to manage than hard containers. However, even your bags need to be precisely labeled if you want them to show well on store shelves. Proper labeling equipment can help you increase production and quickly switch between products as you bag them.

Single Sided Labeling

The easiest way to get your cannabis bags labeled and out the door is to use a top label applicator. Pack Leader USA offers several machines that can get the job done. First, the PL-211 is our most popular automatic bag labeler that places single sided labels on your bags without harming the products inside. It is the mid-range cannabis bag label applicator in our product line and serves businesses from small to large. If you are running a very small operation, the ELF-20 is a tabletop small batch machine that may better suit your needs. The PRO-215 is our top of the line automatic labeler designed for the highest capacity production runs.

Dual Sided Labeling

If you need more space to showcase your amazing products, you may want to consider labeling both sides of your bags. This can be done with several of our dual-head machines. For instance, the PL-211D and the PL-221D both have two label applicator heads so you can synchronize placement of labels on the front and back of your bags at once. This gives you greater consistency with label placement and cuts down the time it takes to label your machine by doing it all in one pass. The PRO-225 is our upgraded version of these machines meant for full-scale in-line production.

What To Look For in a Cannabis Bag Label Applicator

As you consider all of the above options, you also need to be cognizant of what makes for a great labeling machine. You want a machine that is professionally built using high-quality components and testing procedures. That's why our team works with you to test and fine tune your machine and labels before we ship it out to you. You also want a machine that is backed by long-term service support. Our team is always here to help you stick to an ongoing maintenance plan and troubleshoot any problems you may have.

Pack Leader USA has more than half a dozen machines that are perfect for labeling your cannabis bags. Our Cannabis bag label applicators range from small scale production to massive output. We are also able to accommodate single and dual sided labeling to fit your specific labeling needs.

To learn more about Pack Leader USA and how we can help you choose the right cannabis bag label applicator, give us a call today. We will schedule a free consultation to discuss the needs of your cannabis bagging operation today.

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