5 Ways Superior Crowler Labels Can Skyrocket Your Beer Sales

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In the world of craft brewing, connoisseurs and casual drinkers anticipate a certain level of quality and uniqueness in flavor. However, an aspect that often plays an equally pivotal role, yet sometimes remains underappreciated, is the impact of packaging in swaying consumer decisions. In a marketplace saturated with countless varieties, where each beer vies for attention and recognition, the importance of distinctive and eye-catching beer labels has skyrocketed. These labels serve as more than just mere identifiers; they are a brewery's first line of communication with potential customers.

By engaging the consumer's senses even before the first sip, these labels create a memorable first impression. They can evoke emotions, trigger memories, and even build anticipation for the tasting experience. A creatively crafted label not only captures attention but can also foster a deeper connection with the brand, for small breweries and craft beer startups, investing in distinctive and high-quality beer labels can be a game-changer. It is an opportunity to tell their story, showcase their creativity, and carve out a niche in a competitive industry. While the quality of the beer is critical, the power of a well-crafted beer label in capturing and captivating a consumer's interest is a valuable asset.

Why Crowlers Remain a Popular Choice in Craft Brewing

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As the craft beer industry continues to evolve and expand, the importance of choosing the right packaging for your brew cannot be overstated. Crowler packaging is transforming the way breweries and consumers think about beer storage and distribution. Crowlers, essentially large-format aluminum cans, are rapidly gaining popularity for their practicality and effectiveness in preserving the quality of craft beer. Let’s dive into the reasons why crowlers are becoming the go-to choice for brewers and beer enthusiasts.

Air-tight Seal

The crowler's airtight seal represents a significant advancement in beer packaging technology. This feature sets crowlers apart from traditional growlers, which often struggle to maintain the same level of carbonation retention. With a crowler, the risk of carbonation loss is virtually eliminated, ensuring that each sip of your beer retains its intended flavor. This is particularly crucial for beers where the fizz is an integral part of the tasting experience. The airtight seal of a crowler guarantees that the first crack of the can will be met with the satisfying release of perfectly preserved carbonation. This innovation not only enhances the drinking experience but also extends the shelf life of your product, making it a reliable choice for consumers and brewers alike.

Light Blocking

Light exposure is one of a beer’s biggest enemies. Thankfully, crowlers are crafted from solid aluminum ensuring UV rays and heat, which are known to adversely affect the quality and taste of beer, will not get in. This protection is especially important for beers that are sensitive to light, such as IPAs and lagers, which can develop an unpleasant 'skunky' flavor when exposed to light. The solid aluminum construction not only shields the beer from light but also helps in maintaining a consistent temperature, preserving the beer's flavor. By choosing a crowler, brewers are essentially ensuring that their carefully crafted brew reaches the consumer in its most pristine and intended form.

Ensuring Freshness

The fusion of an airtight seal and complete light blockage is what makes crowlers an ideal choice for maintaining beer freshness. This dual protection system ensures that the flavors that define your craft beer are preserved from the moment of canning until the moment of consumption. The absence of light and air infiltration means there is minimal risk of oxidation or other chemical reactions that could alter the beer's taste. Consumers can confidently purchase crowlers knowing that they can enjoy their beer at its freshest, whether it is consumed a few days after purchase or several weeks later. This extended freshness is not just a convenience; it is a promise of quality and consistency that can help build a loyal customer base.

Unmatched Convenience

One of the crowler's most appealing attributes is its convenience. The process of filling a crowler allows customers to witness their favorite beer being freshly sealed into a portable and durable container. Unlike growlers, which are often bulky and require careful handling and cleaning, crowlers eliminate these concerns. Their single-use design means there is no need for cleaning or maintenance, and their sturdy construction virtually eliminates the risk of breakage. They make enjoying high-quality craft beer as easy as popping a tab, whether you are at home, at a picnic, or on a hiking trail. Once the crowler is empty, it can be recycled, aligning with environmentally conscious practices.

5 Labeling Techniques to Increase Revenue


In the competitive landscape of craft brewing, your beer label is much more than a mere sticker on a can or bottle; it is a potent tool for storytelling, brand building, and market differentiation. In this section, we look at the art of label design and its significant impact on sales. By understanding and applying these strategies, you can transform your crowler labels into a dynamic extension of your brand, creating a lasting impression on the shelves and in the minds of beer enthusiasts.

1. Intentional Word Choices

Language in label design is often just as significant as the visuals themselves. When crafting your beer labels, it is crucial to use words that not only resonate with your brand's story and identity but also appeal to your target audience. This involves a careful selection of terminology, tone, and style that aligns with your brewery. Whether it is playful, sophisticated, or rooted in heritage, the language on your label can influence a customer's perception and emotional response to your beer. It is about creating a narrative that engages the consumer, inviting them into the world of your brand, and making your product memorable.

2. FDA Label Regulations

Adhering to the regulations set forth by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) is essential for any brewery. It is not just about legal compliance; it is about consumer safety and transparency. Your labels need to accurately reflect health warnings, alcohol content percentages, and any potential allergens. This information helps to build trust and credibility with your customers. It is important to stay updated on these regulations as they can occasionally change, ensuring your beer labels are always in compliance. This attention to detail reflects the care and responsibility you take in every aspect of your brewing process.

3. Professional Labeling and Printing

The quality of your labeling and printing can significantly impact the perception of your beer. Investing in high-quality services ensures that your labels are crisp, clear, and professional, mirroring the quality of the brew inside. Professional labeling can involve using state-of-the-art printing techniques, choosing the right ink that does not fade, and ensuring that each label is applied consistently. This level of quality and attention to detail speaks volumes about your brewery’s commitment to excellence, not just in brewing but in every facet of your product’s presentation.

4. Increase Perceived Value

A well-thought-out label design can greatly enhance the perceived value of your beer. It should be a visual representation of the unique qualities of your brew — whether it is the flavor, the brewing method, or the origin of the ingredients. The label should tell a story that captivates and intrigues the consumer to choose your brand. It is not just about standing out on the shelf; it is about creating a label that customers would want to talk about, share, and remember. This engagement can transform a one-time buyer into a loyal customer.

5. Choosing the Right Base

Selecting the appropriate material for your label is a critical decision that can impact the overall presentation and durability of your product. Factors to consider include the longevity of the label, the quality of the adhesive (ensuring it stays put through various conditions), moisture protection, and water resistance. The right material ensures that your label remains intact and legible, whether it is in a cold fridge or a damp cooler. This resilience is key to maintaining your brand's image and ensuring that your product consistently looks its best in any situation.

Beer Container Choices and Labeling Strategies

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The decision to package your craft beer in bottles, cans, growlers, or crowlers is influenced by a myriad of factors, each playing a pivotal role in how your product is perceived and enjoyed by consumers. The longevity of your product is a key consideration. For instance, cans and crowlers are known for their superior ability to preserve the freshness of beer for longer periods, making them ideal for beers that are distributed over greater distances or intended for extended shelf life. Appearance also plays a critical role in this decision-making process. Bottles have traditionally been associated with a classic, premium feel, often preferred for specialty or limited-edition brews. On the other hand, cans and crowlers offer a modern and practical appeal, aligning well with contemporary branding and lifestyle trends.

When it comes to labeling these containers, the choice of label type — wraparound, front and back, or shrink sleeve — can greatly influence the product's shelf appeal. It is a strategic marketing decision that can significantly influence your product's shelf appeal and consumer perception.

Wrap-around Labels: An excellent choice for brewers looking to maximize their creative space. These labels offer an expansive canvas that wraps around the entire container, providing ample room for designs, storytelling, and brand messaging. This uninterrupted label space is ideal for showcasing eye-catching artwork and detailed narratives about the brew or brewery, and can effectively convey the personality of your brand. The seamless nature of wrap-around labels ensures high visibility from every angle, making your product stand out on shelves and in coolers.

Front and Back Labels: These offer a more segmented approach to design and information distribution. This style allows for a clear distinction between the front, which can be used for impactful branding, and the back, where you can provide detailed information about the beer such as its ingredients, brewing process, or tasting notes. This format is particularly beneficial for brewers who want to convey a concise brand image while also offering consumers detailed insights about the product, enhancing transparency and education.

Shrink Sleeve Labels: Shrink sleeve labels present a unique opportunity for a 360-degree design experience. They cover the entire surface of the container, from top to bottom, allowing for a fully immersive design. This type of label is perfect for intricate graphics, bold colors, and innovative designs that need more room to tell their story. The versatility of shrink sleeves makes them suitable for containers of various shapes and sizes, offering a custom-fit look that can enhance the perceived quality of the product.

Boost The Sales of Your Products With Superior Crowler Labels

Crowlers, with their innovative design and practicality, provide an opportunity for breweries looking to diversify and enhance their offerings. Integrating crowlers into your brewery's lineup can open up new markets, attract a broader customer base, and offer a fresh way to experience and share your craft beers. Navigating the crowler labeling process, however, can be difficult, requiring a nuanced understanding of both design principles and technical specifications. This is where our comprehensive guide on labeling becomes an essential tool for any brewer. It goes beyond the basics covered in a typical blog post, diving into the intricacies of label design, material and equipment selection, and branding strategies. The guide provides practical advice on choosing the right beer labels for your crowler.

By leveraging the insights and expertise offered in our guide, breweries can confidently embark on the crowler labeling journey. The guide aims to empower brewers with the knowledge and tools needed to create visually appealing, compliant, and marketable crowlers. Ultimately, well-labeled crowlers not only enhance the appeal of your product but also reinforce your brand identity, creating a lasting impression in the competitive craft beer market. Download our free resource, “The Brewer’s Guide to Craft Beer and Microbrew Labeling Equipment” today!

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