Big Labels for Beer Crowlers


Beer crowlers are becoming more and more popular at local breweries and bars. The real challenge is that a beer crowler needs to have a proper over-sized label to ensure that the customer remembers your name and brand. Getting these labels just right has been a challenge for on-site crowler filling, but no more. Pack Leader USA has a solution that will help get your crowlers out to your patrons faster than ever. 

About Crowlers

Crowlers were first introduced a couple years ago as an answer to a growing problem with the popular growlers seen at craft breweries across the US. Many consumers were filling their glass growlers with craft brews and taking them home to enjoy later on, only to find that the growler was not sufficiently sealed to keep their beer fresh. Crowlers fixed this problem by providing a 100% sealed option in can form that could be taken to-go.

However, this did require some additional tooling because each can has to be sealed on site and on demand. Then, a crowler label must be placed on the can to indicate the type of beer inside. These cans are over-sized to allow for larger to-go portions, which demands a larger label size as well. You can read more about crowlers here at our Crowler 101 guide. 



Crowler Labeling Options

When it comes to labeling your crowlers, the best thing to do is use a wraparound labeling machine. Pack Leader USA's tabletop wrap-round labeling machines can handle labels up to 6" x 11.8". This gives you more than enough room to design large labels for beer crowlers that can be affixed on the go.

Of course, you will also want a labeling machine that fits neatly within your space so you don't get cramped while trying to serve your customers the freshest beer ever. Pack Leader USA offers several wraparound labeler options that come in a range of sizes. For instance, the ELF-50 is a handy tabletop design that can fit in the back room of any bar or restaurant. It can be manually loaded with the correct label and can as you go so you can quickly serve your customers. You can also use it to pre-label cans in small batches for later in the day.

Alternatively, the PL-501 is another excellent choice for wraparound labeling of crowlers. This modular unit is slightly larger than the ELF-50, but can be used for automatic batch labeling of crowlers. If you know that you will blow through dozens of cans of each craft brew during your late shift, the PL-501 can help you get your cans ready in advance for easy dispensing. This machine is capable of running hundreds of cans in just a few short minutes, so you can stay well ahead of demand.

The best part is that both of these machines are loaded with intuitive one-button setups, so you can easily switch between labels in moments. If you are using your labeler on an on-demand basis, this will help you get through the transitions faster and smoother.

The Pack Leader USA team is excited to be at the forefront of the developments in the crowler game. We're here to help you select the perfect wraparound labeler for your beer crowler cans. We have several options available for different label sizes and capacities. You can call today to schedule your free consultation with our labeling experts and learn more about the best way to get your large labels onto beer crowlers in less time.


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