Top 6 Best Examples of Beer Labels

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In the world of craft beers, there is more to a product than meets the taste buds. The artistry extends beyond the liquid and wraps around the outside, presenting itself through eye-catching labels. Beer labels are pivotal elements that do much more than simply provide product information. They offer the first impression and can make all the difference between getting picked up or being overlooked on a store shelf. Are you considering a refresh for your beer labels, or exploring new concepts for your upcoming brews? A well-designed label is not just a pretty facade. It showcases your brand's story, values, and uniqueness. A strong label can help convey your beer's quality and craftsmanship, engage customers, and cultivate a loyal following. 

6 Inspiring Beer Label Examples

In an industry where competition is stiff, standing out can be difficult. It requires a combination of creativity, messaging, and brand identity, all of which need to resonate with your target audience. One way to achieve this is through a compelling beer label. Let's explore six examples of beer labels that have successfully captivated consumers' attention.

Uinta Brewing Company (1)


Uinta Brewing Company 

Uinta Brewing Company's beer labels have an adventurous Colorado-inspired aesthetic. Each label is covered in meticulous detail and depth, leaving a lasting impression. These elements come together to form beer labels that not only draw the eye and push consumers to take a second look. These labels draw inspiration from the popular travel posters in the 1950s and 1960s. This vintage influence is more than just a design choice; it aligns perfectly with the brand image of a craft brewery nestled in the heart of Colorado.

Campervan Brewery (1)

[Source: Camper Can Brewery]

Campervan Brewery

Campervan Brewery's beer labels stand out, capturing the very essence of summer with their bright, colorful labels. The design choice makes the viewer think of days at the beach, packed with pastel-shaded campervans. These labels, with their tasteful color palette and artful design, evoke a serene calmness and joy. They strategically chose not to use bright, shiny aluminum but a more subtle, softer sheen of aluminum that resembles a campervan, reinforcing the brand's identity and deepening the visual storytelling.

Bier Bier (1)

[Source: Design Rush]

Bier Bier

The German brand, Bier Bier, exemplifies simplicity's beauty and minimalism's power. This beer bottle label is a great example of how less can be more. With the tagline, "No Name. Just Taste.", Bier Bier has an innovative approach to beer branding by highlighting the beverage itself rather than relying on a flashy label. While it is simple, the focal point is undeniably the label. Bier Bier took a dramatically different approach to design, which has paid off well. It is sure to catch your eye with a clean white background and a sans-serif font. The label is visually captivating between the bottle color, the minimalistic label, and the bold typography.

Cisco Brewers beer bottles.

[Source: Brookston Beer Bulletin]

Cisco Brewers

The antique-inspired designs of Cisco Brewers' beer labels have a unique vintage charm. The designs feature clean, conservative labels; each donned with a distinct color scheme. These individual hues stand out gracefully against an ivory backdrop and black font. The color palette is thoughtfully chosen to give the labels an antique vibe reminiscent of 18th-century woodcut printings. The slightly offset border adds a significant amount of character to the bottles. The labels capture the spirit of Nantucket, where Cisco Brewers is located. This label shows the power of design and how it can connect the product, the brand, and its home.

Good People Brewing Company beer cans.

[Source: Good People Brewing]

Good People Brewing Company

Good People Brewing's labels are characterized by a distinctive design element synonymous with their brand — a pickup truck logo. This recognizable emblem graces virtually every one of their beer labels, making their products immediately identifiable. The brewery's logo remains a constant across all its beer labels, providing visual consistency that enhances brand recognition. Each beer name is presented in a unique style yet blends with the label's overall aesthetic. Good People Brewing creates a wide selection of unique beer labels that, while still enforcing brand recognition.

Goldhawk Ale beer bottles.

[Source: Visual Journal]

Goldhawk Ale 

This beer brand stands out from the crowd with its distinctive label design. There is an engaging, bold illustration in place of words and catchphrases. The hawk is simple yet intense, easily grabbing the viewer’s attention. This design choice is further amplified by its placement against a transparent background, allowing the beer's amber hue to become a part of the label design itself. This label design gives the beer a powerful brand identity. The label's uniqueness, the beer's striking hue, and the brand's memorable name create visual elements that enhance brand recall and reinforce consumer loyalty.

Beer Label Requirements

Designing an attractive and unique beer label is an exciting process. However, ensuring that your labels adhere to certain regulatory requirements is equally crucial. These stipulations help consumers make informed choices while protecting businesses from legal hurdles. Here are six key requirements that your beer labels must fulfill.

Brand Name: Your brand name serves as the primary identifier of your beer and should be prominently displayed on your label. This is often the first thing consumers notice, and it helps differentiate your product from the countless others on the shelves. Your brand name should reflect your brewery's identity, and choosing a name that resonates with your target market can significantly boost your beer's appeal.

Class Designation: This refers to the type or style of beer contained within the packaging. Whether it's an Ale, Lager, Stout, IPA, or a different variety, this information must be mentioned on your label. The class designation helps consumers understand what to expect regarding flavor profiles, aromas, and brewing methods, thereby assisting them in making an informed purchase decision.

Alcohol Content: The alcohol by volume (ABV) percentage is a mandatory requirement and is considered good practice universally. By providing this information, breweries ensure that consumers know the strength of their chosen beer. It also encourages responsible drinking, enabling customers to gauge their intake more accurately.

Net Contents: This refers to the volume of beer in the container. It must be listed on your label, typically in fluid ounces or milliliters. Accurately listing the net contents is not only a legal requirement but also helps customers understand the quantity they are getting for their money.

Name and Address: The label must include the name and address of the brewery or bottling facility. This allows consumers to know where their beer is coming from, fostering a sense of trust and connection, and it also ensures the consumer knows where to reach the company in case of any quality control issues or recalls.

Health Warning Statement: The U.S. requires a specific health warning statement for beer labels. This typically concerns the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy and the risks associated with operating machinery or driving under the influence. This is a vital piece of information designed to protect consumers and promote responsible drinking habits.


Beer Bottle and Can Applications

No craft brewery should endure wasted product or costly operational downtime due to subpar equipment. It is a reality that can be avoided with the right tools. The choice between bottles or cans impacts the labeling machine and materials, so you must ensure these are sourced from quality, reputable vendors. Doing your homework pays off when it comes to purchasing equipment. For businesses selling beer bottles and cans, a versatile wrap-around labeling machine can be an excellent choice. The top-performing machines are swift, precise, and adjustable to cater to the diverse requirements of craft beer labeling applications. They seamlessly combine speed with accuracy, producing efficient and reliable labeling. Decisions like choosing a beer bottle or a beer can, determining what equipment aligns best with your needs, and selecting the right branding direction can profoundly impact your business's trajectory. 

Companies like Good People Brewing Co. have relied on Pack Leader USA as a trusted ally in the craft beer industry. Choosing Pack Leader USA's equipment for your craft brew company's labeling needs is an investment in precision, reliability, and efficiency. As a leader in labeling solutions, we offer various labeling equipment designed to handle various needs. Our machines are engineered to ensure fast and accurate labeling that can keep pace with your production lines, regardless of their scale. Our labelers are easy to operate, durable, and adjustable to meet diverse craft beer labeling applications. 

Enhancing Your Beer Brand Through Effective Labeling

A well-crafted label serves as an ambassador for your brand. The world of beer labeling is vast and versatile, providing many ways for your brand to make a statement. However, creativity alone is not the key to successful beer labeling. The requirements and regulations ensure transparency, consumer safety, and informed choices are equally important. Adherence to these rules keeps your operations legally compliant and fosters trust and credibility among your customers. 

Precision and consistency are of utmost importance when applying these labels to your beer bottles and cans. At Pack Leader USA, we offer high-quality labeling machines that cater to diverse needs, promising efficiency and flawless application. The right equipment is critical in maintaining your brand's image, ensuring that every bottle or can of beer leaving your brewery carries the label as intended. To ensure you have the right equipment for your labeling process, download our free guide, The Brewer’s Guide to Craft Beer and Microbrew Labeling Equipment, today!  

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