How to Choose the Best Labeling Machine to Work for Each of Your Product Package Design Types

How to Choose the Best Labeling Machine to Work for Each of Your Product Package Design Types

Finding the right labeling machine may feel overwhelming, but understanding the differences will help you make an informed decision.

More than $150 billion is spent annually on package design, so ensuring that the labeling machine you choose works efficiently and consistently is no small consideration. In fact, a recent brand packaging study found that 90% of brand owners recognize that package design is crucial to their brand’s success.


That’s why it’s important to carefully consider all of your labeling machine options and find the right solution for your package design and overall operation.

Consideration #1: What package design type(s) are you labeling?

From pouches to clamshell containers to round containers, there are several types of package design options to make your product attractive to customers as well as protect the contents. Choosing the right style depends on your product and industry. (For example, top and bottom labeling machines are perfect for the clamshell package design that’s popular in the food industry.)

Primary package design types include:

  • Pouches and bags
  • Plastic containers
  • Cans and tubes
  • Cartons and boxes
  • Glass containers
  • Shrink wrap

Consideration #2: What type of labeling machine will work best for your operation?

The smartest labeling solution is modular by design so it can be customized to fit almost any application. Investing in cost-effective equipment will have a huge impact on your bottom line.

There are five primary types.

1. Wrap Around Labeling Machines are perfect for round containers such as cans, bottles, and tubes. Available models include:


2. Top Labeling Machines are user-friendly and can correctly and securely apply product labels to the tops of your package design. Available models include:


3. Top & Bottom Labeling Machines have dual-head design to simplify top and bottom jobs by labeling your product in a single pass. Available models include:


4. Front & Back Labeling Machines accurately and quickly apply product labels to the fronts and backs of containers. Available models include:


5. Shrink Sleeve Labeling Machines are designed for full body sleeve labels, as well as neck and cap banding, and tamper-evident applications. Well-suited for a wide variety of industries and applications — especially ideal for beverages, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Available models vary by speed and size:


Labeling Machine Comparison Chart

To compare features of available labeling machines, take a look at this handy at-a-glance comparison chart. It will help you see what each model does and what label sizes and speeds are available. Click here to see the full chart. 

Model Maximum Label Size Maximum Container Width Maximum Container Height Conveyor Width Maximum Conveyor Speed Maximum Dispensing Speed


Tamper Proof Labeling Machine

3.15” x 11.8” N/A N/A N/A 131.2’/min 131.2’/min



6” x 11.8” 8.5” 7.5” 6.25" 131.2’/min 131.2’/min


Table Top-Top Labeler

4.75" x 11.8" 6" 4.75" 6" 52.5'/min 52.5'/min


Wrap Around

4.75” x 11.8” 6.3” 12" 6.3" 11 yards/min 17.5 yards/min


Clamshell, Top

6” x 11.8” 8.5” 7.5” 6.25" 131.2’/min 131.2’/min


Top and Bottom

6” x 11.8” 6.5” 6” 6.25" 131.2’/min 131.2’/min


Clamshell, Top and Bottom

6” x 11.8” 12" 9" 6.5-9.5" 131.2’/min 131.2’/min


Wrap Around

6” x 11.8” 4” N/A 3.25" 72.2’/min 131.2’/min


Horizontal Wrap-Around, Neck and Body Labeler

6” x 11.8” 4” 6" 4" 72.2'/min 131.2’/min


Horizontal Wrap Around

6” x 3” 1” 6” 4" 72.2’/min 131.2’/min


Front and Back

6” x 11.8” 4” 0.25" - 13" 3.25" 98.4’/min 98.4’/min


Top & Bottom Labeler

6.7” x 11.8” 8” 8" 6.3" 131.2'/min 131.2'/min


Top Labeler

6.7” x 11.8” 8” Flat 8” 29.5" - 31.5" 131.2’/min 131.2'/min


Vertical Wrap Around Labeler

7” x 12” 7.25” N/A 6" 72.2'/min 131.2'/min


Front and Back

7” x 12” 7.5” 13” 6" 131.2’/min 131.2’/min

Consideration #3: How do you find a trusted business partner?

Once you’ve determined what type of package design type is best for your product and want to learn more about your available labeling machine options, finding a trustworthy, knowledgeable partner can make the selection process much easier.

With Pack Leader USA, you’ll get the features you need with competitive pricing as well as exceptional training and service. Our equipment is modular by design, which means we can customize componentry to fit almost any application.

Take a look at our labeling machines to get acquainted with your options and let us know how we can help. If you aren’t sure which labeling machine is right for your operation, Pack Leader USA offers free consultations to get you pointed in the right direction.