Are Your Concentrates Giving Off the Right Vibe?


Cannabis concentrates are a very popular form of legal marijuana today among people who prefer not to smoke. Concentrates can be used in a variety of vaporizers and other devices to deliver their cannabinoids to the user. For shoppers, it can be difficult to tell concentrates apart on a shelf. Most cannabis shops stock a large wall of tiny glass jars full of concentrates for the shopper to choose from, but they can all blend together if you're not careful. That's why it's important to make sure that your jars stand out with clear labels that grab some attention of their own.

The Perfect Container

Traditionally, small glass jars have been the container of choice for cannabis concentrates. In part this is because it keeps the product inside fresh and safe. It also may have something to do with how concentrates are made and the need to use containers that can handle the heat and pressure of the fresh concentrate when it is first packaged. However, using small glass jars does present some challenges when it comes time to label your products for shipment.

Presenting Your Brand with Cannabis Labeling Machines

The best way to present your brand in a positive light is to use a wrap around labeler for your jars. Even on very small jars a wrap around labeler can clearly show off your brand's name and logo, along with some limited information about the product inside. This is also the best way to meet compliance regulations for label safety, such as warnings to keep out of reach of children. Wrap around labelers are capable of placing labels on hundreds of jars per hour so you can go from small batch production to high capacity in no time.

Other Useful Cannabis Labeling Machines

One way that companies have found to manage their labeling successfully is to use a single wrap around label for all of their branding and warnings, while using top and bottom labelers to differentiate between strains. Thus, once your jars come off of the wrap around labeler they have a uniform brand image. Then they can get a top label that has information about the strain on the jar's lid. This is very similar to the way cosmetics companies label lipsticks uniformly while using colored dots to indicate different shades of the product inside.

If you're ready to make your cannabis concentrates stand out, Pack Leader USA has a selection of perfect cannabis labeling machines for you. We are familiar with the needs of the industry and can help you determine which labeling technologies will deliver the best results to you and your customers. Whether you need a simple wrap around label solution for your jars, or you want something with a top label to give you more advertising space, we have it all. Call today to speak to one of our labeling experts.