6 Reasons Why CBD Manufacturers Choose Pack Leader USA Labelers

6 Reasons Why CBD Manufacturers Choose Pack Leader USA Labelers

As your company grows, you’ll need to upgrade from manual labeling to labeling equipment to keep up with demand.

As your company expands from selling in small specialty shops to national retail chains, you're well aware that labeling can no longer be a manual operation. Since you're looking to make your production line more efficient, cost-effective, and productive, adding in a CBD labeling machine is a great way to increase your output while also improving your product's appearance. 

Relying on employees to perfectly place labels on thousands of cans or bottles isn't a viable long term or cost-efficient strategy. You could outsource to a co-packer, but after punching some numbers, you may have discovered that it makes more sense to invest in equipment to monitor production closely and maintain in-house control. And buying an automatic labeler is ultimately far less expensive than continuing to pay employees to do your labeling. Besides, no human will ever be able to label as fast or as accurately as a machine.

Many CBD product manufacturers have chosen to use our labeling equipment in their packaging line for several common reasons. Well, six good reasons, actually — and here they are for your consideration as you look for the right labeler for your line.


#1 - Flexibility

Buying a large piece of equipment can be daunting, especially if you anticipate the need to purchase multiple machines for different purposes. Perhaps you need a labeler, but you also need a printer and a tamper-evident neckband tunnel. Instead of buying three different machines, consider buying one Pack Leader USA labeler. Our labeling equipment can be expanded for more functionality with add-ons. Since our labelers are modular, adding on features or upgrading to another machine in the same series is easy. You never have to wonder if your labeler will work with another piece of equipment; we’ll guide you through.

CBD Containers

Most of Pack Leader USA's labelers can be used in semi-automatic or automatic mode. This means you can choose between having employees feed CBD containers into the label machine in semi-automatic mode or place the machine in a production line in fully automatic mode without anyone having to touch it. Our labelers are also height adjustable to ensure they match the machines before and after within the line for smooth operation. You can also adjust their speed to make sure they're not overwhelming the line or creating a bottleneck.

#2 - Reliability

Avoid purchasing a cheap label machine. You might be able to get a "great deal" on a labeler, but if it's constantly breaking and wears out prematurely, it's not such a great deal and it will cost you money in the long run. 

When you're buying a labeler, it's an investment. We understand that. We know you want it to last as long as possible. Every Pack Leader USA labeling machine adheres strictly to Good Manufacturing Practices and ISO 9001 quality control procedures. They are made from 304 stainless steel and aluminum for superior wear protection and durability and can withstand harsh environments for long periods of operation without going out of alignment. 

Labeling CBD Containers Serviceability

When you buy a Pack Leader USA labeling machine, you're also getting expert setup and installation to make sure your equipment runs properly from the moment you turn it on. Your employees will be trained on how to use the new labeler and how to identify service and maintenance needs.

#3 - Serviceability

If you're considering a machine with hard to find parts and a service department whose voicemail is full, that machine isn't the one for you. Even the most elegant machine with super useful features and a user-friendly interface can become a giant paperweight if you can't get it serviced. That's why Pack Leader USA offers far-reaching certified services, including the following. 

  • Factory Acceptance Tests: See for yourself how our labelers work. You can run your product through to make sure a given piece of equipment will work for you.
  • 24/7 Service and Repair: We’ll connect you with a service technician, whether on the phone, email, or web conference. If you can't get the issue solved remotely, we'll send a tech to you.
  • Preventive Maintenance: With the Pack Plus Program, you get a 50 point inspection to ensure your machine is operating properly. You'll get everything you need to keep your machine running in ten years as well as it did when it was first delivered.
  • Continuing Education and Training: Employees may come and go, but Pack Leader USA will help make sure new hires are brought up to speed on your labeling machines. And if you've got a new product with new labels, we can analyze whether it will work on your existing equipment.
  • Parts: You should have spare parts on hand just in case. The manufacturer of your label machine should have standard kits for the most commonly worn out parts. Pack Leader USA has lifetime warrantied parts made just for your machine to keep it running like new.

#4 - Usability

OK, so you've got yourself a reliable labeler with easy to find parts and a responsive service department, but it's confusing and infuriating to use. This is a frustrating situation. The demo made it look so easy, but even after months on your packaging line, employees are still having trouble figuring out its controls. That's not a problem with Pack Leader USA label machines.

CBD Label Usability

Our labelers are simple to use. Handwheels offer simple adjustments, and nearly every machine comes with a touch screen. Instructions are built-in, and there are even troubleshooting guides in the interface. Most Pack Leader USA machines also allow you to program presets so that you don't have to reconfigure for different labels and packages on each production run. You'll also love the label count feature to track your progress, and the production preset will stop the machine once the predetermined number of labels have been applied.

#5 - Portability

Increasing production output usually means increasing facility size, too. But let's say you have to keep up with product demand, and you're still not able to budget for a second labeling machine. It's a waste of time and resources to have employees carry products from one part of the building to another and feed them through a labeler that's probably already sitting between other machines, making it torturous to get the unlabeled products to feed through properly. Plus, you have idle machines seated on either side when they could be running more product through.

With small, portable label machines, like Pack Leader USA's ELF-50 Tabletop Labeling Machine, moving it from one production line to another is incredibly easy. While one line is capping bottles and another is dropping CBD gummies into a pouch, your Pack Leader USA labeler can be transferred from one line to another by a single employee without any downtime.

#6 - Knowledgeability

Ultimately, you want an experienced labeling partner. Your labels are often your first impression with potential customers, and you don't want to trust that first touch to a machine or a company that is a fly-by-night operation or won't return phone calls when something goes wrong. 

Our name reflects our drive to lead the pack, not blend into it. Amidst other labeling equipment companies, we stand out by creating the best equipment and offering the best pre and post-purchase experience. As you consider our Pack Leader USA labelers for your CBD packaging line, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with our labeling experts. They can help you pick the right label equipment based on your goal production rate, existing equipment, and budget. 

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As your company grows and you're looking to upgrade from manual labeling to labeling equipment to keep up with demand, keep in mind these six reasons why CBD manufacturers choose Pack Leader USA labeling equipment. What good is a great deal on a labeler if it's not durable, reliable, serviceable, and functional within your line? Consider all the important factors that go into investing in the right labeler for your CBD packaging line.

Pack Leader USA is here to help you move from manual to automatic. It's time to get more out the door faster.


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