Your Top 4 Kombucha Labeler Questions Answered


Kombucha labeling has come under scrutiny lately due to a growing interest from the general public in the supposed health benefits of Kombucha teas and coffees. As a result, manufacturers need to choose a Kombucha labeler that meets all of the regulatory guidelines set forth by the FDA and Alcohol Administration before they begin putting products on store shelves.

What Type of Labeler Works Best?

While Kombucha is typically bottled, some manufacturers have gone to using cans for their products as well. A wrap around labeler is the best choice as it will give you the ability to include all of the necessary dietary information and health warnings on your containers, but will also reduce the amount of sunlight getting into your product, which can have an effect on the fermentation process and alcohol content.

What Information is Required?

Since Kombucha does include naturally occurring alcohol as a result of the manufacturing process, there are specific laws regarding what information needs to be included on the label. The Federal Alcohol Administration Act requires that the brewers name, the net contents of the container, the nature of the product (ex: beer, wine, etc), and the location of the brewery are all included on your labels. Even Kombucha products that include less than 0.5% alcohol at the time of manufacture will still need to be labeled according to these standards as the fermentation process will continue after canning and bottling, and the product will cross the 0.5% threshold before customers consume the product.

What is the Nature of My Kombucha?

When you are designing a label, you need to designate your products as either a beer, wine, distilled spirit or other alcoholic beverage. According to the FAA Act, each type of Kombucha will need to be classified on a case-by-case basis as the production process and ingredients vary widely within the industry. Make sure you have a clear idea of what you are selling before you spend money on labels that do not meet guidelines.

How Will a Kombucha Labeler Help Me?

Kombucha is a highly competitive market these days, and producing a quality product requires careful planning. Having well designed and informative labels goes a long way toward promoting a positive image of your brand. Meeting and exceeding all of the necessary federal guidelines also helps create trust in your products. A consistent and high-quality labeler will not just draw consumers in and help them understand why your product is different from other beers and spirits on the market, but also helps to protect the contents of your bottle from damaging external forces that can change the way the liquid ferments over time. This keeps your products as fresh and true to their original production as possible before customers can take their first taste.

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