What’s Behind Your Pack Leader USA Labeling Machine?


Pack Leader USA offers more than durable, advanced labeler machines.

In the animal kingdom, pack leaders are selected by the group because they instinctively know who can best lead them. The pack leader's natural instincts are to protect and direct the pack.

Our name reflects our focus on doing far more than selling durable, advanced labeler machines. It's great to make that sale, but what happens afterward is very important to us as well.

When our customers' production lines are humming along at peak efficiency because we've provided the best-quality machines on the market, backed by exceptional service and support, then we feel we've done our job. Here’s a rundown of what we think “doing our job” should mean to our customers.

World-class Technology

All Pack Leader USA label machines are constructed of specially treated 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum to last a long time — even in the harshest environments. A microprocessor control system has power-off memory that retains settings between jobs, even if the machine sits for months. The human-machine interface (HMI) is an easy-to-use color touch screen, and controls are fully synchronized to ensure all components run at the same speed.

But we're just scratching the surface; here's a quick summary of technical details of one model, the PRO-625W, categorized by benefit.



  • “One-button teach” product and label sensors simplify adjusting for various label configurations.
  • Label heads tilt on a 12-degree x-y axis to accommodate varying product shapes.
  • The modular design simplifies upgrades, such as adding a printer for accurate code placement.


  • Auto label-set feature confirms label sensitivity by detecting the separation between each label.
  • Missing label-detect feature instantly shuts the machine down if a one is found on the roll stock.


  • Chain aligners center your product and top hold-down controls keep the product in place.
  • Auto-length set feature ensures accuracy.
  • Stepper motor counts the steps necessary to reach the next label with precision.


  • Production preset function stops the machine automatically when done.
  • Label count feature tracks progress during the production run.
  • Container/production run counter shows the exact production number for the day.
  • Even after sitting idle for long periods, the control system retains stored settings.


  • Machines can be easily moved to other production areas.
  • Maintenance is simple, thanks to slide-out controls and easy-to-access electronics cabinets.


  • Pack Leader USA labelers are manufactured in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and in accordance with strict ISO 9001 quality control standards.

Modular Design for Easy Integration

The term "modular design" simply refers to creating things out of independent parts with standard interfaces. The result is easy customization, upgrading, repair, and re-use of parts in other systems.

Let's take the example of starting with a basic labeling machine, then adding a printer.

Let’s read about some printers that would snazz up your labeling line.


ALLEN Hot Stamp Printer - Offers high-speed capacity with up to 800 impressions per minute, which is honking fast and just the ticket for your full-scale production line. It comes equipped with a temperature control system and a timer — set it up and let 'er rip.


ELF Hot Stamp Printer - The ELF hot stamp printer is a cute little number that can be used with our small batch tabletop labeling machines. While lightweight and easy to use, it provides the same quality batch and date stamps as you would with a larger-scale system.


MARKEM IMAJE Smartdate X40 Thermal Transfer Printer - It may have a complicated name, but let’s just ignore that for now and focus on the fact that this extremely efficient thermal transfer printer saves ribbon and takes less power to operate than other printers. It can operate intermittently or in high-speed continuous mode to print the cleanest labels you've seen anywhere.

When you have your labeler tweaked out with a printer, you could throw a pack-out table at the end of the line to finish the upgrade, and call it a day. The point is, our modular machines play well with other modules when you’re ready to grow.

Education and Training

We take care of our customers before they're even our customers! Our factory acceptance tests (it’s OK to call them FAT) allow you to visit the factory and see for yourself how the equipment you're considering actually works. With FAT, you can determine if our machines meet your production requirements, and see how they conform to quality control guidelines. Learn more about FAT here.


After you've become a customer, we offer all the education and training you need. With each new Pack Leader USA machine purchase, startup, and training is available. Our certified technician will travel to your facility to properly start up the machine and train all your employees, ensuring your investment is operating at maximum efficiency. All components are calibrated and fine-tuned to factory specifications.

Large Parts Inventory

Let's face it, even the best-built machines in the world require maintenance if they are under constant use (passenger jets come to mind). And proper maintenance demands easy access to new parts. When parts that eventually wear out, such as drive belts, bearings, motors, and even electronic controls, can you count on your automatic labeling machine manufacturer to have them in stock near you for immediate shipment? Pack Leader USA distributors all over North America carry parts, accessories, and components for all our machines. Genuine Pack Leader USA parts are built to work best in your machine and are backed by our industry-leading warranty.

Preventive Maintenance Plans

Our Pack Plus preventive maintenance program is available through our authorized distributors to all current clients. It's based on a 50-point machine inspection to keep your machine running at peak efficiency.

Is it worth the cost? By detecting incipient flaws and repairing and replacing parts before they fail, preventive maintenance helps you avoid downtime, actually saving money in the long run.

Whether you're enrolled in Pack Plus or not, we have certified technicians on hand 24/7 to service your Pack Leader USA equipment. Sometimes it's enough to walk through issues by phone, email, or web conference. Other times, our technician will travel to your facility. The point is, Pack leader USA is 100% committed to resolving any issues that are keeping your production line down.


"Built to last" doesn't mean much if nobody's around when your machine does need service and parts. Keep this in mind as you explore our labeling equipment: there's more to Pack Leader USA than first meets the eye.

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