Validate the Safety of Your Nutraceutical Products with Tamper Evident Seals

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Building a relationship with customers by showing you take their safety seriously.

Consumers need to feel they can trust your products. They should be able to reasonably assess whether your nutraceutical is right for their diets and understand the directions and serving sizes just by reading the label. 


While offering clear instructions on bottles and conducting rigorous scientific testing of effectiveness and ingredient safety is what most people think of when discussing product safety, it's also important to include tamper-evident packaging. 

When potential customers can see whether a bottle or box has been opened, they can trust that your product is safe to purchase. A tamper-evident seal creates an extra layer of protection against theft and unwanted sampling of products. It also helps maintain freshness and lowers the necessity to dispose of opened items, which leads to lost money. 

Tamper-evident sealing may sound like an extra step and another cost, but creating packaging with tamper-evident seals doesn't need to result in headaches and added complexity for your operation. Pack Leader USA has economical solutions that can help create consumer trust and boost your profits in the long run.    

Tamper Evident vs. Tamper Resistant 

You may have heard the terms "tamper-evident" and "tamper-resistant," so before we discuss solutions, let's define the terms. 

Tamper Evident: The FDA defines tamper-evident packaging as "one having one or more indicators or barriers to entry which, if breached or missing, can reasonably be expected to provide visible evidence to consumers that tampering has occurred." For example, this might be a perforated seal on a cap that, when torn, shows visible signs of having been opened. Tamper-evident packaging may or may not increase the difficulty of actually opening the container. 

Tamper Resistant: The goal of tamper-resistant packaging is to slow down access to the medication by increasing the effort required to open the container. Tamper-resistant packaging may or may not show obvious signs of tamper evidence. 

The FDA requires that over-the-counter (O-T-C) human drug products be sold in "tamper-evident" packaging rather than "tamper-resistant". Since the danger posed by nutraceuticals is extremely low compared to that of medication, this rule does not apply to vitamins or dietary supplements, so you are not required to use either tamper-evident or tamper-resistant packaging for your products. However, using tamper-evident packaging is still a great method to build trust with consumers.   

Shrink Sleeve Labels

A simple way to ensure containers are tamper-evident is to use shrink sleeve labels. Shrink sleeves are placed over a cap and heated. This causes the sleeve to shrink around the container and cap so that the bottle cannot be opened without breaking the seal first. If your product already uses shrink sleeve labels, you can create tamper-evident labels with t-perforations, horizontal perforations, or vertical perforations. Each has advantages depending on the type and size of the container, and includes a perforation to make opening the product more accessible.

Labeling-Equipment_SL-10_FLShrink sleeve labels have the added benefit of being able to fit onto alternative container shapes. If your nutraceuticals are packaged in an odd-shaped container, you can create a design that will not warp or distort when applied and offer tamper evidence. Even if your products are already using front and back or wraparound labels, a shrink sleeve labeler like the Pack Leader USA SL-10 could apply a tamper-evident seal without the need to redesign or change your current labels completely. 

Tamper-evident Label Machines

Perhaps your nutraceutical products are stored in boxes designed to resonate with your customers, and you want to maintain that aesthetic without switching to an entirely new labeling method. We can help with that.


In addition to our labeling equipment line, we manufacture a tamper-evident neck and cap banding option. Our Tamper-Evident Shrink Band Tunnel is a flexible and convenient add-on that works with hand-applied sleeves and machine-applied sleeves for quality results. The modular design allows it to be directly mounted onto most conveyors, eliminating the need for a floor stand. The shrink band tunnel is lightweight, economical, and adjustable, enabling quick change-over for different packaging types.

Investing in Trust 

The nutraceutical market generated $241 billion in 2019, and according to PMMI Business Intelligence, that figure is anticipated to grow to $373 billion by 2025


As the marketplace gets more competitive, nutraceutical companies are growing smarter about methods to develop consumer trust. Tamper-evident seals on dropper bottles, tincture bottles, pill bottles, cartons, and boxes can help show customers that your products are safe. Regardless of how diversified your product line is, an investment in a tamper-evident labeling machine can help ensure your long-term position in the market. 

Currently, there is no requirement from the FDA to use tamper-evident packaging on nutraceuticals. If you choose to go this route, your products will communicate a commitment to safety, positioning you above the competition.  

Solutions to Protect Your Nutraceutical Containers 

Choosing the right partner to create high-quality, durable, and attractive labels with tamper-evident seals will ensure your products stand out in the marketplace. 

Pack Leader USA helps businesses like yours every day with professional labeling equipment and expert support. Find the right machine to create the packaging you need to win over customers, keep their trust, and beat the competition. 

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