Using a Labeler to Apply Tamper Evident Seals to Bottles and Jars

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From packaged foods to pharmaceutical products and cosmetics, tamper-evident seals are a cost effective way of ensuring that your products stay fresh on the shelves and are not opened by curious shoppers before they are purchased. Buyers can easily see that the bottle or jar they are purchasing has never been opened, meaning that the amount of product inside is exactly as advertised, and there is no chance that anyone interfered with the contents of the bottle or jar.

How To Apply a Tamper-Evident Seal

The simplest way to apply a tamper evident seal is to use a shrink sleeve machine. This method is commonly used on the caps of bottles and jars to keep them from coming unscrewed on their own. A plastic sleeve is placed over the cap and heated until it shrinks down to form a seal around the cap and body of the jar, making it impossible to open without first going through the seal. When a customer purchases the product and goes to remove the cap, there is a perforated line where they can easily remove the tamper-evident seal and open the product.

Examples of Tamper-Evident Seals in Use

Tamper evident seals are used throughout the pharmaceutical industry to protect pill bottles for over-the-counter products. In addition, many cosmetics companies use tamper-evident seals to prevent shoppers from sampling their products and putting them back on the shelf where bacteria may spread. This is especially true for lipsticks and eyeliners. In the food industry, craft breweries sometimes use shrink labels over their cans to create a tamper-evident seal that makes the can stand out from others on the shelf. Syrups, drink mixes and other food products commonly put the shrink sleeve machine to work, as much to keep people out as to keep product in.

The shrink sleeve machine is a useful tool for all kinds of products, but for those who want to guarantee the quality of their products, the shrink sleeve label is one of its most useful functions. Today, a shrink sleeve machine is able to keep up with the faster production speeds of most manufacturing lines, and can place tamper-evident seals on your products without slowing you down. The extra layer of security on your bottles and jars may be well worth the trouble in the eyes of your customers. 

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