The Kombucha Craze is Here: Get Your Labeling On!


Kombucha teas are growing rapidly in popularity as more people become aware of their proposed health benefits. As a result, manufacturers are scrambling to keep up with demand, meaning they need faster production machines and better labeling equipment. Pack Leader USA has the perfect solution with shrink sleeve labels that will help keep your Kombucha perfectly sealed until it is in your customer's hand.

Now's The Time To Stand Out

Thanks to Kombucha's relatively new status in the mainstream beverage world, it's easy to see that there will be a handful of companies that eat up the market share. Companies that invest early and well in proper equipment will be the ones that stick with customers as the trend develops. Now is your chance to take a piece of that pie by creating full-size, professional shrink sleeve labels that clearly define your brand among the crowd of smaller start-ups. The more high-end your products look now, the more people will come to recognize your names as one of the true originals on the scene.

Go All Out

One way to stand out is by upsizing your logo, going full color and covering your containers in information about your product. This includes information about each flavor option, your brand's unique process, and the health benefits of your Kombucha teas. Shrink sleeve labels effectively maximize the amount of advertising space you have on each container, so take advantage of it.

Focus on Efficiency

The brand that will take home first prize will be the one that is consistently available and recognizable to customers who are trying Kombucha for the first time. By focusing on labeling technologies that are fast and efficient, you can keep your products on more store shelves throughout the year. This includes investing in a labeling machine that allows you to quickly switch out labels as you move from one batch of tea to the next. In addition, it means buying a quality labeling machine that will deliver consistent shrink label results so you won't be sending your products out into the world haphazardly. Part of this quality comes from working hand in hand with the support and service teams to ensure your shrink sleeve labeler is always in good condition and properly maintained.

There's no telling how long the Kombucha craze will last. What we do know is that companies who take the time to develop quality production practices with the help of shrink sleeve labelers will see positive returns. The right labeling equipment will support your efforts to serve customers fresher products in a timely manner and will guarantee that your Kombucha teas are the belle of the ball when they are on store shelves next to your competitors.

To learn more about labeling Kombucha with shrink sleeves, contact Pack Leader USA today and we can help you find the perfect machine to work with your containers and production needs.

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