The Best Mid-range Labeler for CBD Oil Dropper Bottles

The Best Mid-range Labeler for CBD Oil Dropper Bottles


Upgrading doesn’t mean blowing your budget — but it does mean labeling CBD oil dropper bottles faster.

You know the adage, “You have to spend money to make money?” Well, it’s only half true. You see, many businesses spend money in places that don’t give them the best return on investment. Overspending in wasteful areas is just as bad as not putting dollars where you should. Take labeling machines, for instance. Many packaging lines rely on hand labeling or cheap labelers. Perhaps the company is just starting out and can’t afford better equipment, or it’s an operation that prides itself on small batches of hand-made products. 

Regarding CBD products, this can be especially prevalent. CBD is a relatively young industry, which means many CDB companies are still reliant on employee labor for most operations. But CBD labeling is the first impression for many customers, and as such, CBD oil dropper bottles need to look professional. The good news is you can upgrade your CBD labeling with a fast, easy-to-use, budget-friendly labeler that will help you make money, the Pack Leader USA PL-501. Let’s talk about what this excellent mid-range labeling machine can do to transform your operation.

Increase Productivity

The first, most obvious benefit will be that you'll be able to label CBD oil dropper bottles and other containers way faster than before. If you've ever tried applying a label by hand, you know it's a painstaking process. The PL-501 is literally a label application machine. You will see an increase in speed of up to 500% over what your fastest employee can do. If you've been using a cheap labeler, then you've probably gotten frustrated with inconsistent labeling, jams, misfeeds, or inexact tolerances leading to inadequate application. The PL-501 will fix that. 

Boost Productivity

By upgrading to a mid-tier labeler like the PL-501, you'll drastically increase speed over hand labeling and avoid the downtime of an inferior labeler. The PL-501 is easy to service, repair, and keep running thanks to its wear and rust-resistant stainless steel and aluminum parts, as well as the modular nature of its construction. And, if you can't solve the problem, our tech support can be reached 24/7. If it still can't be diagnosed over the phone/video call/email, we'll send a technician your way. With the PL-501, you can trust that the label is applied the right way the first time.

Increase Consistency

Another problem with cheap labelers is that they can result in poorly applied labels. Upgrading your labeling will eliminate:

  • Crooked labels
  • Inconsistent pressure leading to bubbling or peeling
  • Application mistakes
  • Torn labels 

With the PL-501, you get accurately placed labels with perfect pressure to ensure they stay in place. Because Pack Leader USA labels are built with high tolerances, you don't have to worry about one of the common ways inexpensive labelers mess up application: belt slippage. When inexpensive labelers run for long periods of time, parts go out of alignment, and conveyor belts begin slipping. The containers on the belt are then in the wrong place when the machine goes to apply the label, and it can result in CBD oil dropper bottles with labels that are misaligned or weren't applied with enough pressure to stick. 

Or maybe it's just time to move up from the entry-level labeler that's served you well because your line needs to move faster to keep up with output. Either way, a high-quality, mid-range labeler will position your packaging line for faster speeds and perfect labeling.

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Increase Compatibility

When choosing a labeling machine, make sure it can seamlessly slot into your existing packaging line. The essential features that make this possible are:

  • Adjustable heights for conveyor belts
  • Adjustable speed
  • Ability to accommodate your CBD containers

It's critical to get this right the first time. You shouldn't have to slow down your packaging line to accommodate one labeling machine. And if it can't take CBD oil dropper bottles from the previous machine in the line and feed them to the next, time is wasted when employees have to feed the machines by hand.

With the PL-501, you don't have to worry about compatibility. It can slot into your packaging line with minimal setup. And, because it can operate automatically or semi-automatically, if you need to have employees feed it by hand or operate it manually, you can do that. Or, you can have it run hands-free in a packaging line. It's your choice, learn more about CBD labeling.

Improve User Experience

Whether you're still hand labeling CBD oil dropper bottles, need a more reliable labeling machine, or are ready to move from an entry-level labeler to a mid-level one, choosing the best-fit labeling equipment for your budget, packaging line set up, and production goals can feel overwhelming. But it doesn't have to when you work with a trusted labeling machine manufacturer. 

Pack Leader USA labelers like the PL-501 are reliable, have an easy-to-understand user interface, intuitive functions, and multiple memory settings for different bottle sizes. Plus, when you get your PL-501 installed, we'll send a technician to train you and your staff on how to use the machine. If new hires come on board or your employees need a refresher, you can set up another session to bring everyone up to speed.

Schedule a Free CBD Labeling Equipment Consultation 

We want you to succeed because your success is our success. Set up a free consultation and talk to our team about how the Pack Leader USA PL-501 can improve your labeling efficiency — from CBD pouches and jars to CBD oil dropper bottles and roller bottles. We’re invested in making sure your CBD packaging line runs smoothly with a Pack Leader USA labeler.