Sleeve Style Beer Can Labels are a Great Way to Save


When it's time to start labeling your beer cans, you may be surprised to find that you have more options available to you than simply printing labels directly onto your cans. In fact, many manufacturers prefer to use sleeve style beer can labels because they provide extra flexibility on your production line and can save you money in the long run.

Advantages of Sleeve Style Beer Can Labels

Sleeve labels are printed on high quality materials that are designed to be durable during application and printing. They adhere smoothly to the sides of your can and provide 360 degree coverage so you will never have to worry about misplaced labels, wrinkles or tears. As the label shrinks around the can it stretches uniformly and prevents the beer can labels from slipping off the cans. Sleeve labels are especially useful if your cans have odd contours or have minor imperfections that would throw off regular wrap around labelers.


Another benefit of using sleeve style labels is that you can switch out your labels easily without having to purchase new cans. This is especially important for small batch breweries. You can purchase plain aluminum cans in bulk, and switch labels each time you switch to a new product. This way you don't need to store extra cans specific to each product line, nor do you need to reprint cans each time something is updated or changed. This especially helpful if you have seasonal brews that you regularly switch between. In fact, since all of your cans are the same size, your labels will be easily interchangeable on your machine with minimal setup required, further reducing waste and down time.

If you are looking for a way to save money on your beer can labels while maximizing your flexibility and storage space, sleeve style labels are the way to go. Sleeve style labels allow you to save money on your aluminum cans, as well as reprinting any labels that have changed. In addition, they have fewer quality control issues than traditional label options.

To learn more about how a sleeve labeling machine can help your brewery save money, check out this blog and contact Pack Leader USA. We have a variety of sleeve labeling machines to fit your needs.

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