Why a Shrink Sleeve Machine Might be Right for You


Co-Authored by Katelynn Scannell, U.S. Tape and Label Corp.

When it comes time to label your cans or bottles, there are many different label options on the market. Many people decide on BOPP or traditional paper labeling technologies for their bottles, but a sleeve labeling machine provides an interesting alternative with several benefits. Sleeve labels provide a greater range of design options and are more durable than other label types. Here's what you need to know about the sleeve labeling machine:

1. More Durable Labels

The material that is used in shrink sleeve labels is highly resistant to tearing and damage, especially once the shrink sleeve is around your container. In addition, the actual image and text are printed on the inside surface of the label, and the synthetic coating is on the outside, so the label is less likely to fade or get damaged by water. It also makes the label scratch resistant.

2. Contouring

One of the biggest challenges that bottlers face is creating a label that fits smoothly over their bottles. If you have decided to go with a unique bottle shape or size to stand out from your competitors, it can be even harder to make a traditional label work. Using a sleeve labeling machine will allow you to utilize a 360 degree design that contours tightly to your bottle without creasing or losing clarity in the curves.

3. Versatile

The process used to apply shrink sleeve labels to containers causes the label to fit tightly on the container and adhere directly to itself. As a result, these labels can be used on any type of container and will not require special glue or other considerations. This also comes in handy when it comes to design. The container can be re-used or re-labeled without wasting the product if the seasonal/promotional products are not sold.

4. Removable

Once again, since the label is really only connecting with itself to form a complete circle around the container, there is no adhesive holding the label to the container. This makes it extremely easy for you to remove the labels and reuse the containers without a problem. There are also environmentally friendly shrink films that can be recycled, if removed. If a label should fail to pass through your quality control checks, it can simply be put back in the line and re-labeled conveniently.

5. Protective

If you are trying to keep unwanted sunlight and air from getting into your containers, the shrink sleeve label is perfect for you. These labels can be printed in solid colors that blocks out sunlight, and they can also include tamper proof seals that cover the opening of the container. This provides an extra line of defense against loose caps or other unwanted leaking of the pressurized brew. Having a tamper evident and label all in one is more cost effective by eliminating the need and the expense of multiple labels and packaging processes.

6. Tamper Evident

If your product requires a tamper evident seal, a shrink sleeve can accommodate this.  Increasing the film’s height and/or adding a t-perf, horizontal perf, or vertical perf are all options.  Most sleevers can perform these functions when properly equipped.  A decorative label that is tamper evident is a win-win.

A sleeve labeling machine is a cost effective way to label your containers with high quality and durable labels. These labels are made of stronger materials that provide a significant boost in your ability to take advantage of the shape of your container all the way around. You will find that sleeve labeling technology is widely available from major labeling equipment manufacturers. It takes advantage of the latest in digital printing, synthetic labeling materials, and the 360 degree design that has been proven to be a successful marketing strategy. These techniques have proven to increase profits for companies.

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