Protect Your Kombucha Product with Tamper Evident Bands


You've invested thousands of dollars producing the highest quality kombucha teas. Your R&D department has delivered the flavors and the smooth feel that you want, and now you need to keep your teas safe with the help of tamper evident seals. After everything you've been through, these tamper evident labels are just one more way you can deliver quality and consistency to your customers. Here's what you need to know.

How to Seal Your Kombucha

Sealing your kombucha properly is an important part of keeping the product inside fresh. You don't want any excess air or light getting into the container, and you also don't want the product to spill or be opened on its way to the store. There are several labeling options available to get the job done. You can choose from either a shrink sleeve type band, or you can use a simple pressure sensitive label to create a visual cue that the bottle is still tightly closed.

For starters, the PL series top labeler machine is a great way to place a simple pressure sensitive label up and over the cap of your kombucha teas. This machine is able to place labels on hundreds of bottles in no time at all. Even a simple vertical label strip is enough to show that the cap has not yet been opened. This is also an extremely cost-effective method.

However, if you want the most effective tamper-evident seals, our shrink sleeve products have it all. The SL-77 is a mid-sized shrink sleeve labeler that is able to apply perforated sleeves directly over your caps and shrink them tightly. This will give you the greatest protection against tampering, but will also keep more air and light out thanks to this durable shrink sleeve material. These labels really do make a difference in the shelf life of your kombucha.

Why Choose Pack Leader USA

Pack Leader USA is more than just a labeling equipment manufacturer. We have designed our machines to be modular and streamlined. We also work one on one with each of our customers to deliver labeling technologies that meet their needs precisely. If you do not currently see a labeling machine on our site that will get the job done, call us. Our engineers will work with you and your chosen containers to create something totally new for your purpose.

In addition, our systems are made to help your business grow. With the ability to add on a modular printer, you can instantly add expiration dates and batch lots to your products. Our machines are meant to fit side-by-side with your existing packaging equipment, so you can go from tabletop size batches to fully automatic labeling without having to continually purchase new equipment.

Finally, Pack Leader USA offers superior customer service to all of our valued customers. When you buy from us, we will work with you to develop a maintenance plan that will keep your labeler running forever. Plus, we'll provide your team with in-depth training on how to set up and adjust the equipment so you can get the perfect label placement every time.

If you are ready to see why Pack Leader USA has the very best labeler for your kombucha, give us a call today. We are waiting to schedule your free consultation and get you the labels you've been waiting for.