Pressure Sensitive Labeling in the Beer Industry


It’s Friday night and you’re at the store trying to choose an ice cold beer to delight in. What’s the first thing you look at?

The label. The unique artwork that identifies the craft perfection you’ll soon enjoy.

Leave the Paper in the Past

For many years the beer industry used one or two options – cut and stack labeling or pre-printed cans or bottles. Cut and stack labeling takes a stack of pre-printed paper labels, applies glue to the back side, then applies to the bottle. While relatively easy, it’s very messy and the equipment can be very costly. The other issue is the label has a tendency to fall off the bottle when it condensates or is submersed in a cooler. We’ve all been there – aggressively peeling a paper label off our beer bottle, watching it flake off and be more of a nuisance than beverage enjoyment.

Why Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Pressure sensitive labeling takes all of these issues away and replaces them with great-looking labels that are durable enough to stay intact and adhered to your beverage of choice. Adhesives on the market will also allow a PS label to adhere to a wet beer bottle, which is something a paper label has a difficult time with. The equipment for PS labels is clean, efficient, and easy to maintain and the upfront cost is much lower than its paper label predecessors.

Pre-printed cans or bottles look great but force a bottler to keep truckloads of cans or bottles on the floor due to minimum orders. PS labeling takes away this concern and allows you to keep a generic bottle or can on your floor and label as needed for shorter production runs. With a total set up time of 5-10 minutes, bottlers can enjoy an easy changeover with multiple products being run on any given day. This keeps valuable space available for production and frees up capital by reducing the bottle or can inventory.

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