Perfume Packaging: Design & Label Application Tips for Your New Perfume Bottles


In an industry that thrives on good impressions, following these best practices to create shelf appeal should not be an afterthought.

You’ve got a new perfume fragrance that you’re ready to start bottling. Now what? In the excitement to get the product to market, it may be tempting to slap a label on it to get the perfume bottle on the shelf as quickly as possible. But if you really want to make your mark in this growing 31.4 billion dollar industry, you’ll want your perfume label and packaging to look stunning.

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Traditionally speaking, perfume packaging follows a pretty minimalist line of thought – simple, all-capital black lettering on a neutral, metallic, or clear label, allowing the beauty of the perfume bottle and its contents to be the star.

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Though there’s nothing wrong with this approach, there’s room for creativity. As we turn the corner to a new decade, let’s take a look at what the roaring 2020s may bring in terms of design and labeling trends and best practices for perfume packaging. 

Popular Perfume Packaging Design Trends

While not all of the current and upcoming design and label trends may be applicable specifically to perfume packaging, it’s worth taking a look at the overall list to see which ideas resonate with you and your concept for your brand.

  • Packaging that tells a story – consider developing a personality for your brand (bonus points for aligning with a charity or good cause)
  • Metamorphoses – people are often attracted to artwork that communicates transformation
  • Retro-futurism – neon colors and bold gradients juxtaposed with retro type creates a unique vibe
  • Blurry color splotches and blurred images – using a colorful, abstract gradient blend in the background may attract the consumer’s eye
  • Maximalism and heavily detailed packaging – stand out with a bold U-turn from over-prevalent minimalist design by using rich, luxurious artwork
  •  Ecologically aware packaging – this influences not only the packaging material but the design ethic as well
  • Natural & earthy pastels – subtlety may evoke a sense of peace and calm that appeals to many buyers
  • Neatly structured layouts – balanced typography with linear touches offer a refined, modern look
  • New constructive forms for traditional products – literally, out-of-the-box (no box!) ideas
  • Holographic effects on black background – multicolor metallic text that pops against a satin or matte black or neutral backdrop
  • Transparent packaging that lets color shine through – print your label on clear stock

When it comes to assessing good design and marketing practices, begin by knowing your audience so you can develop perfume packaging that attracts the target market. In the beauty and cosmetics industry, especially for products like perfume bottles that may have more feminine appeal, designers tend to lean more towards elegant simplicity than edgy or flashy. But there are always outliers. Taking a design risk with something different and bold may pay off by attracting attention in a sea of sameness. 

Of the trends listed, eco-friendly packaging continues to be important to beauty consumers, so designing a label with a clean, green look and feel may be a great approach. Use of natural and earthy pastels as well as transparent packaging also lend themselves well to perfume labels.

Perfume Labeling Best Practices

Once you’ve designed a perfume packaging that will connect with your target customer, it’s critical to make sure that your perfume label is properly applied. Taking the time to follow label quality control steps is essential for your brand image — and looks definitely matter in the cosmetics industry.

If your perfume labels are placed crooked or not adhered properly and beginning to peel, even the most beautifully designed label will look unprofessional and run the risk of turning off the consumer. People often leave perfume bottles out on their vanities, so it’s crucial that every aspect of the perfume packaging is display-worthy.

Your perfume label should also be compliant and should clearly communicate vital information to your customers. Safety is another issue to remember. A tamper-evident seal, will not only protect users but will also protect the product from being sampled or damaged prior to purchase. 

Perfume Bottle Labeling Equipment

The best type of labeling machine for your perfume bottle depends on several factors, including the shape. Shrink sleeves offer an excellent option for perfume bottles with intricate shapes, while wrap-around labelers are the perfect choice for most other containers. A top and bottom labeler may be useful in some situations as well. 

When choosing the best labeling machine for cosmetic and perfume packaging needs it’s a good idea to begin with your current goals but also keep where you’re headed in mind. Consider purchasing a pressure-sensitive labeling machine that has the flexibility to grow with you, including adjustable speeds and adaptability so you can easily and consistent label more than one product with excellent results every time. 

The cost of a labeling machine may seem initially concerning, but this can be offset by increased production and streamlined labor costs. Consulting a trusted labeling and packaging leader is the easiest way to learn about your perfume packaging options.

Whether you need to label perfume bottles or other cosmetics, Pack Leader USA is here to help you identify the best options in the field and customize a labeling machine to suit your needs. Begin by downloading our free guide to labeling cosmetic containers, then be sure to check out our selection of versatile machines available to suit any cosmetics operation.

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