Labeling Kombucha Bottles? Use One Machine for Many Flavors.


What does the perfect production line look like in your mind? For creators of flavorful kombuchas, the real challenge is expanding the production line to expertly handle a wide range of different flavors without overspending on labeling equipment. With the help of Pack Leader USA, it is possible to get your first kombucha line up and running while leaving plenty of room for future expansion. Here's how:


One Machine That Can Do It All

The first step in launching your new kombucha line will be selecting your bottling and labeling equipment. Fortunately, Pack Leader USA's innovative labeling technologies are capable of handling multiple flavor lines without missing a beat. Each machine is designed as a modular unit that can easily be moved from one production run to the next. The intuitive setup guide will help you switch out labels instantly without having to deal with finicky manual setups. In fact, if you are using the same size and shape of labels on all of your containers, it's as easy as swapping rolls out in less than three minutes. Then your machine will be right back in the action. In fact, we use a state-of-the-art touch screen system with memory functions that will automatically jump to the correct configuration and resume labeling at the touch of a button.

Our most popular machines like the PL-501 are capable of labeling hundreds of products per minute straight off of your bottling line. This system is the ultimate solution for kombucha manufacturers who need an affordable automatic labeling machine to get started with.


Expanding With New Flavors

As you expand your kombucha line into new flavor zones, you'll be pleased to find that the PL-501, and it's big sister, the PRO-625, are here for you. With each new flavor you add to your lineup, all you need to do is order fresh labels. Most companies use the same template for all of their labels, simply changing the individual artwork on each one. This makes it possible for a single labeling machine to move between all of your flavor lines flawlessly.

These machines further streamline your expansion process because you can count on the labeling equipment you already have on hand. You won't need to make another big investment until you set up multiple full-time product lines. The money you save on labeling equipment can be spent on creating fabulous new flavors and getting high-quality labels to fit your containers.

The kombucha industry continues to grow and grow as more people become familiar with the benefits of these flavored teas. Now is your chance to get your kombucha line off the ground with a dependable, flexible labeling machine up front. Once your product line is established, you can trust that your labeling machine will be there for you to help you expand into new flavors and products over time. These machines are built to move easily through your warehouse, making multiple label changeovers in just minutes so you won't miss out on productivity.

To learn more about the PL-501 and the PRO-625 for your kombucha brand, contact Pack Leader USA today. Our team is here to help you find the right labeling solution for your needs and get you on the path to beautifully labeled kombucha cans in no time.

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