Label Virtually Every CBD Bottle Size With This One Labeler

Label Virtually Every CBD Bottle Size With This One Labeler


Your CBD bottle labeler should be as versatile as your product line.

CBD packaging lines should be efficient enough to stretch every dollar as far as it can go. The more use you can get out of each machine, the more value it has for your operation. When you’re analyzing your production to see where improvements can be made, see which machines are creating bottlenecks, not only in terms of speed but in flexibility. Equipment that has limited use may be hampering your packaging line more than you think. For example, consider your CBD bottle labeling machine. Can it handle wraparound and top/bottom labels? How fast is it? Does it work well with the other machines in the line? 

Perhaps you don’t have a labeler right now, which creates its own set of problems. Maybe you’ve avoided getting a machine because you have many different CBD bottle sizes, and you don’t think one machine can handle them. 

Whether you’re labeling by hand or have a labeler that just isn’t cutting it, you should check out Pack Leader USA’s PRO-515 inline CBD bottle labeling machine. Let’s go over what makes this labeler a winner for any packaging line that needs versatility and speed.

CBD Bottles of Many Sizes
CBD Bottles of Many Sizes

With the PRO-515, you can apply labels up to 7 inches by 12 inches. We say “up to” because not every CBD bottle will be able to accommodate a label that large. If you need to label small dropper bottles or roller bottles, you can. If you need to label something significantly larger, you can. And if you’re not running bottles? That’s fine. It’s easy to change over to flat-sided containers for single-sided labeling, too. 

With other CBD labeling machines, you might be able to run a couple of your products through and have them labeled properly. But if you want to switch out from roller bottles to jars, you’ll probably be out of luck — but not so with the PRO-515. 

And with label heads that tilt at a 12-degree x and y-axis, the PRO-515 can apply labels to tapered and shaped containers. As long as you’ve gotten well-cut, properly printed labels, the PRO-515 can apply them quickly and easily. 

Labeling CBD Bottles at High Speed

Let’s talk about the biggest benefit of getting an advanced CBD bottle labeling machine like the PRO-515: speed. Hand labeling is painfully slow. Low-quality equipment has a lot of downtime due to poor construction, mediocre support, and difficulty of use. With the PRO-515, you get a fast, accurate vertical trunnion system that wraps labels around cylindrical containers for consistent, secure labeling. Also, the PRO-515 has two 20 inch supply reels for labels, maximizing the amount of labeling you can get done before having to put on another spool of labels.

This is where a CBD labeling machine benefits your packaging line the most. With a versatile, quick labeling machine, you can expect up to 500% faster labeling than manual. If you choose to put your PRO-515 into the packaging line for automatic operation, you won’t even have to touch a container until it’s time to pack it up for shipping.

Perfectly Applied CBD Labels

Perfectly Applied CBD Labels

No matter how well employees apply CBD bottle labels, they’ll never be as efficient or accurate as a labeler. Forget speed for a second, and focus on how well the labels are applied. The PRO-515, for instance, applies every label with perfectly consistent pressure, ensuring no bubbling or peeling. It has a screw index feed system for perfect, precise spacing as each container reaches the label head. The vertical trunnion system mentioned before not only aids in speed but keeps the bottles from shifting around, resulting in straight placement every time.

The other downside of hand labeling is that the more employees handle containers, the more likely the labels will get scuffed or torn. There’s no concern about that with a PRO-515 labeler. There are no opportunities for the labels to catch on any sharp surfaces or get prematurely worn.

CBD Bottles Labeled Reliably

Several things can slow down or mess up your packaging line, including equipment you can’t rely on and inconsistent employee performance. Equipment that breaks or goes out of alignment frequently can’t be trusted, and you will never have an accurate picture of your output. Employees come and go, get sick, take vacations, and may not always have consistent numbers when labeling containers. 

With a PRO-515 labeler, you know exactly how many CBD bottles you’ll label that day. You can predict production output and know that your labeling machine will label every container from the start of the workday until closing. And because every Pack Leader USA labeler is made from 304 stainless steel and anodized aluminum, you can trust that it will have a lifetime of rust and wear-free operation. Parts are modular and simple to replace. Tech support is available 24/7 and will come to fix your labeler in person if the problem can’t be diagnosed remotely.


CBD Containers Labeled Easily

The PRO-515 is easy to use. The screen is intuitive and user-friendly. Pack Leader USA provides education on all of its functions and will teach your staff how to use them. We can come back and train new employees and give refreshers if you need. We’ve made our complex labelers simple to use, but don’t expect you to figure it out yourself.

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It’s time to let go of inefficient processes and make your packaging line work for you, not against you. Talk to our team about how a Pack Leader USA PRO-515 labeler can transform your CBD bottle labeling. Just contact us to set up a free consultation, and we’ll go over all the details with you.

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