Growing with Sleeve Labeled Craft Beer Cans


Does your current craft beer labeling system directly contribute to the future growth of your brewery? If not, it's time to start looking for a better solution. Sleeve labeled craft beer cans are becoming a popular option for simplifying labeling operations and making a smooth transition into new products and services. For instance, the same machine you use for sleeve labeled craft beer cans can be used to label crowlers for beer on the go.

Wherever You Are, We're Here For You

Whether you're an established brewery, or you're just getting started, sleeve labeled craft beer cans are a viable option. Many small breweries have already discovered that using cans instead of bottles is a great cost-saving measure. The shrink sleeve provides further cost savings by improving output, and ensuring that labels cover your entire can, contours and all, as well as adding a tamper-evident seal if you wish. If you've struggled with the costs of pre-printed cans, or with cheap labels that don't adhere properly to your cans, shrink labels are the way to go.

Streamlining Processes

One benefit of choosing shrink labeled craft beer cans for your main operation is that you can expand into crowlers without incurring any additional expense. The cans can share the same labeling equipment, so you don't need to worry about making room for a second machine on your floor. Plus, they can be used on demand to label crowlers individually as you need them.

Benefits of Shrink Labeled Craft Beer Cans

The combination of shrink labels and cans may not have seemed obvious at first, but here's why it deserves some serious consideration on your part:

  1. Cans protect your beer better than bottles by providing an air-tight seal and preventing UV rays from breaking down the liquid. Customers prefer cans because they are easier to transport and provide a better tasting beer over time.

  2. Pre-printed cans cause a lot of waste if you discontinue a particular brew or want to change your labeling for some reason. A shrink label machine makes it possible to update labels, or use the same machine across multiple product lines at once. You can also create seasonal or promotional shrink sleeves for big events.

  3. Shrink sleeves are far more durable than other label types. They stand up well, even when a drop of beer is spilled, and will look great on the shelf. You can always put your best foot forward when you choose sleeve labeled craft beer cans.

Bottles are expensive and pre-printed cans don't quite give you the flexibility you need for a business that often follows trends. Sleeve labeled craft beer cans offer a better way to label your products while reducing waste, improving quality and creating opportunity for new expansion. Even if you're just starting out, investing in a great shrink labeling machine today could give you room to grow for years to come. To learn more about labeling machine options, check out our new Labeling Equipment Guide for Craft Brewers!

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