Good, Better, Best: 3 Methods for Applying CBD Labels

Good, Better, Best: 3 Methods for Applying CBD Labels


Hand labeling isn’t the top method.

CBD is everywhere. It’s gone from a million-dollar industry to a billion-dollar industry. In the next few years, you can expect it to be the tens of billions. CBD is so prevalent now that’s hard to imagine a time when the only people aware of its benefits were a handful of illegal growers and some curious scientists. Because marijuana was linked to the effects of THC, both because of its physical nature and cultural stigma, very few were aware that it was possible to have the health benefits without the psychoactive chemicals.

The last ten years have radically changed the perceptions of marijuana. Because of extensive lobbying and studies of the health effects of the plant’s many components, the negative cultural connotations of the drug have largely vanished. CBD in particular has benefited from this shift because it doesn’t carry the perception of being a “drug.” Rather, it’s a mainstream substance in lotions, droppers, beverages, candy, and even dog treats. But with acceptance comes responsibility. CBD bottles and CBD labels need to be every bit as professional-looking as any other item in the store. CBD has had to grow up.

What Do Customers Expect?

Other industries have a head start in terms of their infrastructure, methods, and consumer expectations. The oldest brewery in America still operating was founded in 1829. Breweries know how to package a professional-looking and appealing product. Because CBD products are so relatively young in the marketplace, the industry is experiencing the same kind of boom that other industries experienced decades ago. This means many startups are having to claw their way towards best practices and have to figure out what’s expected of their products.

The CBD industry thankfully has a massive base of talent coming from other types of businesses with applicable lessons, many times having been users themselves. Also, market research is easier than ever because of the internet and social media. What is the market saying? What do people want? Clear communication from labels. They want pertinent information telling them what the product is, and they want a design that supports that purpose. Really, truly, a nice looking label wins over customers and one that’s poorly applied or designed is an instant turn-off.

Applying Labels for Best Results

Applying Labels for Best Results

So, how can you apply labels to ensure they’re going to resonate with consumers? What do you need on your packaging line to ensure every container that ends up on a store shelf will represent your brand with pride?

Good: Skilled Employees

For first-time CBD makers who only manufacture small batches, hand labeling will do. It’s slow, and it can be inaccurate, but for a completely handmade product made by a tiny crew of enthusiasts, it’s a start. It’s now where you want to stay if you plan on expanding, but it is a start.

Better: Semi-Automatic Labeler

Using a labeling machine is transformative. Even with a small semi-automatic labeler that requires employees to feed CBD bottles manually, productivity can rise by as much as 500%. And that labeler is completely consistent, too, unlike human laborers who have different capabilities. Let’s say your most skilled labeler goes on vacation, is there anyone else that can label as well or as fast? A machine is simply able to be more precise and quicker at applying CBD labels.

Best: Fully-Automatic Labeler

To remove human error almost completely, a fully-automatic labeler can take containers from the previous machine and feed them to the next in your packaging line. The labeler takes care of the entire operation from beginning to end. Yes, your employees will still need to monitor or program the labeling machine, but there are no more dropped CBD bottles or bottlenecks as employees load and unload containers.

The Advantages of a Labeling Machine

So, aside from speed and accuracy, what else makes a labeling machine the superior choice over hand labeling?

The Advantages of a Labeling Machine

1. Less Downtime

With a well-designed and maintained labeler, the labeling process doesn’t have to stop. While an employee will need breaks (in some states it’s required by law), your machine will not. 

2. More Consistency

Your best employee is not a robot, no matter how consistent they are. A machine places labels in exactly the same place every single time. If you line up your products on a shelf, are the labels all at the same height? This is how people will see your products, and the human eye is finely tuned to notice such flaws.

3. Better Adhesion

Another issue with hand labeling is that the pressure may be different from label to label. When there are air bubbles or peeled-up corners, a label can fall off between the manufacturing process and when it arrives on store shelves. Labeling machines use identical pressure for every CBD label.

4. You’ll Save Money

If you’re worried about budget, think about it this way. What do you pay an employee in one year? You’re going to end up paying that employee more than the cost of a labeling machine. Now, we’re not saying that the machine should replace the employee. Someone’s going to have to run the equipment. But, during that employee’s work shift, they can be responsible for 5 times the number of properly labeled CBD bottles!

Find the Right Wrap Around Labeler for Your CBD Bottles

When you’re ready to see productivity skyrocket, Pack Leader USA is ready to provide you with the perfect wrap around labeler for your packaging line. We’ve put together a guide called Finding the Right Wrap Around Labeler for CBD Bottles to point you in the right direction. With a Pack Leader USA labeling machine, you can solve your labeling challenges and save time, money, and frustration. We look forward to working with you on making your labels a success!