CBD Round-Up: Tips for Labeling CBD Oil, CBD Gummies, and More


The public’s perception of CBD is changing, and knowledge about its uses and benefits is growing.

According to a recent survey by the Harris Poll in conjunction with Quartz involving 2,000 participants, 86% of respondents were aware of CBD. In 2015, CBD surpassed THC in Google searches. More people than ever are viewing CBD as a medical product and not as something to get people high. While this means that CBD oil businesses are watching their profits grow, and the entire CBD oil industry is on track to be valued at over $2 billion by 2025, it also means the level of professionalism in your CBD packaging needs to be higher than ever before.


You may have had the time to label each container yourself in the beginning, but if you plan for your CBD business to grow, you’ll need labeling equipment. Not only will upgrading to labeling machines save you time and money, but it will show that your product and your brand are polished and professional.

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CBD Product Regulations 

Since the CBD industry is growing quickly, lawmakers have difficulty keeping up, which means the rules for labels can be confusing. Start by determining which FDA guidelines your product most likely falls under (cosmetics, food, or dietary supplements). Also, ensure your labels meet state requirements. Whether your CBD products are isolates (no THC), broad-spectrum (most cannabinoids, low or no THC), or full-spectrum (contains THC) can impact whether they're legal to sell.

Here's a list of points to help you create your labels. 

  • Identity Statement. This is the part that faces the consumer when the product is placed on store shelves. Here you need to state what the product is and it’s name.
  • Net Weight / Count. State how much of the product is in the container in both U.S. and Metric measurements. This applies to volume, weight, and in the case of capsules or gummies, the count. Put this information on the front of the container.
  • Serving Size. State how many milligrams of CBD oil is in each serving of your product.
  • Ingredients List. In descending order of amount, list all the ingredients of your product.
  • Identify Parts. List which parts of the cannabis plant have been used.
  • Warnings. State any drug interactions, warnings to particular users (children, pregnant women), and if your product contains any THC.
  • Contact Information. Consumers need a way to get in contact with you. List your physical address and any contact methods, such as phone or email.
  • No Medical or Therapeutic Claims. If you make medical or therapeutic claims, the FDA may classify your product as a drug, and you will face stringent regulations. Include a disclaimer to avoid confusion. 

CBD Packaging Design 

Whether you're selling CBD edibles, oils, vape juice, cosmetics, or another CBD infused product, your label must communicate the feeling you want to get across to your customer. Since this is the first impression most customers will have of your product, you need to capture their attention and communicate what they can expect when using your CBD infused product. Research the latest trends in CBD labeling to get an idea of what you'll be competing against when you vie for your market share. 


Here are some tips you will want to follow.

  • Color. Color can say more about your product than your logo or your wording. Red equates with passion and stimulates hunger. Blue is calming and feels secure. Yellow comes across as cheerful.
  • Font. The fonts used on the packaging can seem like a trivial matter, but they have to be consistent with your branding as it's integral to your product's statement on a store shelf. Vintage typewriter fonts can give the impression your product is handmade and established. Cursive or more flowy fonts might be appropriate for cosmetics and can feel more stately and refined.
  • Material. The material needs to fit with your product's brand. Burlap or rough paper can feel earthy and environmentally friendly. Clear labels can lend a modern or minimalist feel. Metallic or shiny surfaces might imply excitement or power.
  • Masculine/Feminine Appearance. Regardless of whether you're making products aimed at one gender or both, you'll want to research how labels and marketing are targeted to both sexes and how they can backfire. But generally, if you're targeting your product towards women, take cues from the cosmetics industry. If you're marketing towards men, analyze deodorant and body spray products. 

CBD Product Labels & Containers 

Container sizes and shapes are as varied as the products that are held within. Your CBD product will determine what type of containers and labels will work best. No matter what packaging you choose, remember the label you select has to fit that container properly, remain legible, and look appealing. It also has to stick properly to the packaging. Labels that are crooked or don't stay in place can damage your company's image. Investing in CBD labeling machines like the ones produced by Pack Leader USA lets you focus your efforts on creating a strong product rather than wasting time and resources.

Here are some standard container types and the labels that make the most sense. 


  • Oil Dropper Bottles. Perfect for shrink sleeves or front and back labels. 
  • Tincture Bottles. Like oil dropper bottles, sleeves or front and back labels are excellent options, but tincture bottles allow for the possibility of end dots as well.
  • Jars or Tins. Sleeves or front and back labels may work if your jar or tin is a simple cylinder, but if your container is an irregular shape, it may make more sense to use top and bottom labels or end dots. Jars can be clear to show off the product inside.
  • Bags and Boxes. Flat front labels or front and back labels are your best options. Boxes allow for top and bottom labels as well. 

Getting the Guidance You Need 

Whatever the size of your CBD oil company, creating and applying professional-looking labels is essential. Fortunately, CDB labeling doesn't have to be a headache for you. Choosing the right labeling partner will let you focus on creating exceptional products. Pack Leader USA has put together a free e-book called The CBD Industry Guide to Evaluating Labeling Equipment. Download the guide and get everything you need to know about creating standout labels for all your CBD oil products. 

Get Guide For Labeling CBD Bottles, Bags & Jars

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