CBD Products: Which Labeling Machine is Right for You?


As consumer demand rises and competition increases, choosing the right labeling machine for your CBD products is crucial.

You know that CBD stands for Cannabidiol. But did you know that it accounts for up to 40% of the marijuana plant's extract? Although discovered in 1940, it wasn’t until 2018 that clinical research included preliminary studies on anxiety, cognition, movement disorders, and pain. Through many of the studies, we’ve learned that CBD has many physical and mental health benefits. 

40% of marijuana extract is CBD

Thus, the CBD industry was born, and an educated public started to demand CBD products. And you’re answering that calling and meeting that demand. 

Whether you’re making CBD edibles, oils, or vape juice, it’s important to make sure your brand speaks louder than that of the growing competition. Your brand — including packaging, labels, and all — needs to communicate quality, so consumers choose your CBD product with confidence. This means selecting the best container for the product, designing a professional label, and getting your CBD to the market as quickly and efficiently as possible.

There’s a lot to consider. In fact, many CBD distributors and manufacturers have told us they feel overwhelmed when trying to make these crucial decisions. To help you evaluate your options, we’ve put together a quick-read CBD Industry Guide that walks through each factor you’ll want to take into account.

Here are a few common questions with helpful answers.

Do we really need a CBD labeling machine?

Yes, it improves efficiency and packaging quality.

Even if you’re producing CBD products quickly, an inefficient labeling process will slow down your production to market speed. Manual labeling may have been sufficient to get started, but as demand increases, you’ll need to improve efficiency to get your product shipped in a timely manner. Purchasing a table-top or semi-automatic machine can boost your productivity by labeling up to 150 containers per hour. For double the speed, consider a fully automatic model that can handle up to 300 containers per hour.


Speed isn’t the only consideration. Your CBD labels need to look sharp and represent your brand professionally. Automatic labeling technology ensures that labels stay clean and are placed accurately. Machine-placement also carries the benefit of thorough adhesion and is more reliable overall than attaching by hand.

Purchasing a CBD labeling machine is a substantial decision. It’s important to weigh the cost of your options by factoring in the improved output and reduced waste. Upfront costs of the machine may be quickly offset by the value provided by quality and production gains. You’ll not only reduce human error, but also free up your staff to do other essential tasks.



How do I choose the best labeling machine for our CBD packaging?

Make a decision based on your production run, available space and equipment, and the type of container and label you plan to use.

Identifying your overall goals can help you determine what machine best fits your needs. How much product do you want to move through your production line? How quickly do you need it to move? How often will you need to change labels or packaging materials? Asking these questions can help you choose the right CBD labeling equipment for optimal production.

You’ll want to purchase a machine that works well with the equipment you already have and make sure there’s adequate space in your production line for anything you might need to add. For instance, pack-out tables are a great addition to help you keep up with the speed of automatic machines.

There are plenty of container and label options available to meet the wide variety of CBD products. It’s important to choose a package that will protect and preserve your merchandise. After selecting a package, the fun begins in designing a corresponding label. Remember, first impressions matter! Make sure your label is eye-catching and easy-to-read, and tells customers what they need to know.

What questions should I ask the labeling equipment manufacturer?

Ask specifically about parts & service and equipment quality.

Purchasing CBD labeling equipment is more than simply buying a machine — you’re essentially choosing a labeling partner. It’s a good idea to ask around the CBD community for recommendations. Be sure to ask manufacturers what type of services they offer in terms of maintenance and repair. By asking questions upfront, you can be sure to choose a provider that will serve you well into the future as your operation continues to grow.

Not all companies follow the same standards, so it’s also important to ask prospective labeling partners about quality-control procedures. Do they test and inspect all equipment and parts, whether new or used? Do they stand behind their products and services? Choosing a reliable manufacturer will ensure that your CBD labeling machine runs at optimal performance with minimal downtime for servicing.

What are the hot CBD industry labeling trends I should consider as I research labeling machine capabilities?

Think earthy, health-conscious, and medical.

Many companies are choosing to brand their packages using rustic colors and recyclable containers that appeal to consumers who are drawn toward a natural, earthy look.


Another segment of the market is interested in potential health benefits of CBD products. These consumers may resonate with packaging that resembles other familiar health items such as protein powder or bagged granola.


As CBD becomes more accepted as a medical alternative for pain relief, some companies are branding their products to connect with this market. These containers may resemble traditional pill bottles or toothpaste boxes.

A quick Pinterest search produces lots of ideas to get your creative design juices flowing.

What else do I need to know?

The bottom line is this: finding the right labeling machine to fit your product, space, and budget is key to optimizing your operation. This begins by asking important questions to define your needs and finding a labeling partner to help you choose the best equipment for you.

For a more in-depth look at the types of CBD labeling equipment available — and all of the factors to consider before purchasing a machine — download our free guide

Choosing the right equipment to meet your labeling needs will bring you one step closer to your goals for success in the CBD industry. 

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