Best Mid-Range Labelers for Meal Kits Companies

Best Mid-Range Labelers for Meal Kits Companies


Upgrade your meal kit labeler for consistency, accuracy, but, most of all — speed.

Sending out meal kits quickly and packed to preserve freshness is a challenge. It’s no surprise that increasing speed in any operation usually results in more errors. It’s a trade-off that most industries have taken as a necessary part of life. As meal kit services seek to win more customers, they have to grapple with the difficult reality that retention rates are a problem. Whether it’s spoiled food or a missed delivery date, either can mean customers won’t come back. 

Your packaging line may be suffering setbacks because of your equipment. This isn’t to say that your machinery isn’t reliable or easily serviced. It’s just that you may have outgrown it. As output increases, you’ll discover that not every part of your production line is ready to step into the future with you. If you’ve been relying on a small, tabletop labeling machine up to this point, you might find that the bottleneck this machine is creating prevents you from your production goals. It might be time to step up.

Essential Meal Kit Labeling Machine Features

Meal delivery kits have some unique requirements vs. other packaged items. You have to consider a solution for refrigeration and likely tamper-evident packaging. When you’re looking for a labeling machine to increase your meal kit packaging line output, here are some features you might want:

  • Top and Bottom Labeling: Simultaneous top and bottom labeling save time. You don’t have to feed boxes through a second time or invest in a second labeling machine.
  • Individual Printing: Being able to print personalized messages directly onto a label increases customer loyalty. Being able to print your own labels also lets you create batch lot codes for easy tracking. The labeling machine should either have this functionality built-in or be expandable.
  • Integration: New equipment must work with the old. If you buy a labeling machine and it can’t slot into your production line, you’ve got a problem.
  • Usability: Your existing staff will have to learn how to use new equipment, buy machines that are easy to use, and come with training from the manufacturer.
  • Serviceability: Can you get parts for the machine? Will the manufacturer provide support? Are there processes that can be easily taught to employees to avoid having to make a service call?
  • Speed: Printing as fast as possible is one of the main reasons to upgrade.
  • Precision: Every label should be applied with even pressure to ensure they stay on the package.
  • Reliability: If you can’t rely on your machine, what good is it?

When you find a labeling machine that meets all your criteria, then it’s time to replace your old, slower equipment.

Labeling Machines to Consider

Pack Leader USA specializes in labeling machines for meal kit services. Our PL Series slots between our ELF and PRO Series lines to give you increased functionality and speed without extra features that you might not need but will raise the cost. They represent a substantial value for the speed and usability increase you’ll experience.

Every Pack Leader USA labeling machine is:

  • Made of durable, rust-resistant stainless steel and aluminum
  • Easy to use thanks to a large color touch screen
  • Upgradeable with new features
  • Fully modular for quick part changeouts
  • Equipped with a missing label detect feature

From here, it’s just determining which features matter the most to you. Not all labeling machines are intended for the same purpose, and even though our machines are all flexible, the best results come from staying with the intended use.


PL-221 Top and Bottom Labeling Machine

Thanks to simultaneous top and bottom labeling, you can run your packages through in a single pass. The fewer hands that have to touch your meal kits, the better. Every function is fully synchronized for easy integration into your existing line, and the built-in counter tells you your exact production number.


PL-622W Front and Back Labeling Machine

This is one of our most flexible machines, giving you the option of one or two-sided labeling, as well as an optional wrap station for complete coverage around a box. It can be used for in-line automatic operations or as a semi-automatic machine.


PL-221D Clamshell Top and Bottom Labeling Machine

Clamshell containers are popular for fresh food because they allow customers to see the product without exposing it to contamination. This labeling machine can apply top and/or bottom labels, as well as a clamshell label that wraps from the bottom to the top for tamper evidence purposes.

Label Head Printer

Label Head Printers

For creating barcodes, expiration dates, or personalized labels, add on a printer. We offer both hot stamp and thermal transfer printers, depending on your preference and budget. 

Find the Right Labeler for Your Meal Kit Packaging Line

Choosing the right labeler is about more than checking off a list of features. You want to partner with a labeling company that has experience helping businesses like yours grow their production. Pack Leader USA has the expertise and the equipment to transform your meal delivery kit operation into a market-leading success. Download our Meal Kit Delivery Services Guide To Evaluating Labeling Equipment to get advice on choosing your new labeling equipment. And don’t forget we’re always here to answer your questions, too.

Find the Right Labeler for Your Meal Kit Packaging Line