Apply Labels Faster to CBD Roller Bottles

Apply Labels Faster to CBD Roller Bottles


Hand labeling is an inefficient way to label CBD roller bottles — there’s a better way.

CBD is big business, so you can’t afford to have inferior product labels, even if you’re hand labeling. Many startups use hand application because, at first, labor is easier to get and equipment is sparse. However, hand labeling is an inefficient way to label CBD roller bottles (or any bottles, really), and you’ll discover that it leads to labels that are:

  1. Crooked
  2. Peeling
  3. Bubbling
  4. Torn

To top it all off, the labels are applied far slower than a machine could do it. Let’s go into more detail about why machine labeling is a better solution. Specifically, we’re going to look at Pack Leader USA’s ELF-50 tabletop labeler. This excellent entry-level machine will serve you far longer than most labelers.

Improve Consistency

Improve Consistency

Human hands are incredible, but they’re not designed for precision label application. No matter how good your employees are at putting labels on bottles, they’re not as accurate as they need to be. Dedicated labeling equipment does one job and nails it perfectly every time: labeling. 

Try this test. Take some recently labeled CBD roller bottles and look at them individually. The labels probably look OK, right? Now line them up on a shelf next to each other. Suddenly, the imperfections become obvious. No two labels will be at the same height, nor will they look perfectly straight. This is how your customers see your labels.

Because customers make snap decisions when purchasing, the appearance of a flawed product can be a problem. When they see crooked labels, peeling labels, bubbling labels, or torn labels, they’ll assume that the CBD product inside the container didn’t have any quality assurance either. Machines like the ELF-50 do the same job every time. They have consistent pressure to avoid bubbles, properly aligned parts to ensure straight application, and no chance of getting put on upside down.

Increase Speed

How fast can your fastest employees put labels on CBD roller bottles? Pretty fast? But no matter how quickly they can do it, Pack Leader USA’s ELF-50 labeler can do it up to 500% faster. There’s just no competition. Labeling machines don’t have to eyeball the label and the container to ensure straightness. The machine has a roll that feeds labels onto containers as they pass through. As long as there are labels on the roll and containers to label, the labeler will do its job.

Minimize Downtime

Minimize Downtime

Labelers don’t call in sick. Labelers don’t take a vacation. Labelers don’t need breaks. Employees are people, and they’ll need all those things. Even after you transition an employee from putting labels on by hand to running the labeling machine, it’s a simple task to have another employee take over when the first one is out for some reason. 

This doesn’t mean that you will never have to service your labeler, of course. Labeling machines still need maintenance and upkeep. But, using quality equipment like the Pack Leader USA ELF-50 will mean that keeping your labelers working like new is not only possible but expected. All Pack Leader USA labeling machines are made from stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum for long-term wear and rust resistance. Plus, they’re modular, which means that parts interchange and are simple to replace.

Save Money

You might be thinking that all this is well and good, but putting lots of money down on a labeling machine is more expensive than continuing to pay an hourly wage, especially if I have to have someone running the machine anyway. Let’s look at it another way. How long does it take your employee to label, say, 100 CBD roller bottles? If a machine can get 500 bottles done in the same time, that means 500 times the profit for the same amount of time worked. 

A labeling machine like the ELF-50 pays for itself rapidly. Even if your output is small, you could have a day set aside for labeling, and the employee who’s currently on that task could do more important jobs on the other four days. Increasing employee productivity is never a problem. Plus, they’ll probably be happy not performing the tedious assignment of hand labeling anymore.

Why a Pack Leader USA ELF-50?

Why a Pack Leader USA ELF-50?

If you’re just now moving away from hand labeling and want to add a labeling machine to your production line, you probably don’t need all the advanced features in a higher-end labeler for your CBD roller bottles. Also, if you have a small operation, you may need to think about portability. The ELF-50 is a tabletop labeler so that you can move it quickly to any part of your production line with minimal effort. The controls are simple to use, quick to understand, and you get beautiful results.

As for Pack Leader USA labelers, you always get excellent support. We don’t leave you in the cold; you’ll get training on how to use your new labeler and follow-up education as new employees on board, or others need a refresher. You also get 24/7 tech support. The best part is, if we can’t diagnose the problem via phone, video call, or email, we’ll send one of our repair techs to you.

Schedule a Free CBD Labeling Equipment Consultation

When you talk to our team, you’ll quickly find that we’re passionate about labeling. Labels are often the first branding that customers see, and if they’re not up to a high standard, you might lose sales. Pack Leader USA wants to make sure you make the right labeling equipment choice. Set up a free consultation to discover the perfect-fit labeler for your budget, CBD roller bottles packaging line, and output goals.