Apply CBD Labels Faster with One of These Labelers

Apply CBD Labels Faster with One of These Labelers


Slow labeling costs time and money.

CBD has gone from a cottage industry of small, family-owned producers to a massive, corporation-dominated industry. 

So, how are you going to keep up with demand and competition? Increasing speed and efficiency in every facet of your production should be top of the list for your business. If you’re still relying on hand labeling, you’re going to need to step up to a labeler machine. Not only do CBD labels need to look professional and well designed, but they need to be applied well and fast.

Here are six labeler machines that can transform your packaging line by applying CBD product labels lightning quick.

ELF-20 Top Labeling Machine


If your operation is on the smaller side, you might not need all the bells and whistles that a large labeler machine can offer. The Pack Leader USA ELF-20 is a portable top labeler that will make CBD labeling a breeze.

The ELF-20 fits right on a tabletop and can be moved in-line for semi-automatic and automatic applications. Handwheels offer simple operation and changeover. But don’t think this is just a bare-bones analog machine. The sensors can detect label pressure for perfect placement. There is just enough pressure to make sure the label stays applied, not so much pressure it damages the container or contents.

A built-in stepper motor ensures that labels move at the same pace as the containers, making it impossible for labels to start drifting and get misapplied. The counter also tells you exactly how many products you’ve labeled that day. 

ELF-50 Wrap Around Labeling Machine


For a wrap-around labeler that won’t eat up floor space or your budget, you should check out the ELF-50. The ELF-50 is the big brother to the ELF-20. You get the same easy-to-use functionality with the ability to apply wrap-around labels. 

For instance, if your CBD products come in bags or pouches, the ELF-20 will suit you well. If you need to label jars or bottles, the ELF-50 is what you need. It’s only a few pounds heavier than the ELF-20 and measures about ten more inches in length. Still small and portable, though!

The interface is highly user-friendly, so if you need to run products that use different-sized labels, setup is quick and easy. You can store settings for different production runs, too. Both the ELF-20 and the ELF-50 can expand to incorporate a hot stamp printer, and the built-in controls can operate the printer, as well.

PL-211 Top Labeling Machine


For increased speed, container size handling, and functionality, step up to the PL-211. While it takes up more floor space than the ELF-20, it can move products through at around twice the speed. Also, the PL-211 has an optional ability to apply wrap-around clamshell labels, too. 

Where the user experience really changes is with the addition of a color touch screen. With built-in instructions and a troubleshooting guide, the PL-211 makes labeling as simple as possible. It also has a larger memory for more production runs if you require different labels and container sizes/shapes.

While the PL-211 isn’t meant to be a tabletop labeler machine like the ELF series, it sets on wheels for easy relocation. The PL-211 can run semi or fully automatic in or out of line, depending on your needs.

PL-521 Horizontal Wrap Around Labeling System


CBD labeling can get tricky when the container is a tiny cylinder, such as a tube of lip balm or a small tincture bottle. The labeling process is even more complicated when the container or product isn’t free-standing. The PL-521 is designed to secure such products with an angled roller as they pass through the label head, ensuring accurate labeling every time.

Just as with the PL-211, the PL-521 features a color touchscreen with instructions and troubleshooting guides built-in, as well as the memory and counter features you would want when applying CBD product labels. 

PL-501 Wrap Around Labeling System


For larger round containers, step up to the PL-501. Designed for pressure-sensitive wrap-around labels, the PL-501 can also apply labels to the side of flat-surfaced containers. The same excellent touch screen and memory features across the PL series are present here as well.

For easy integration into your packaging line, the conveyor belt can be adjusted for height. The PL-501 can sit in-line or out and be upgraded to include a thermal or hot stamp printer. You also get a manual position setting to fine-tune your label placement.

PRO-515 Inline Labeling Machine


For a top-tier CBD labeler, there’s none better than the PRO-515. You can use wrap-around labels or set it up to label one side only. The PRO-515 is fully automatic and is incredibly easy to use thanks to its touch screen.

For untraditional containers, the PRO-515 can tilt its label heads on a 12-degree X-Y axis, following a tapered bottle with precision. Also, the controls can be moved around the machine 360 degrees for optimal placement. Maintenance is simple, and adjustments are fully controllable.

Universal Features

No matter which Pack Leader USA labeler machine best fits your packaging line needs, output goals, or budget, you get the same 304 stainless steel and aluminum construction for maximum rust and wear prevention. Every labeler is also manufactured according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards and is fully compliant with ISO 9001 quality controls. 

R&D Tax Credit

You might be apprehensive about spending a portion of your budget on new equipment. But you can get some relief with an R&D tax credit. The Federal Research and Development Tax Credit was enacted by congress in 1981 and made permanent in 2015. It allows for a credit of up to 13% of expenditures having to do with the innovation of products and processes.

The law is surprisingly broad, and if you are in any way:

  1. Improving products, processes, or software
  2. Experimenting in hard sciences
  3. Reducing or eliminating technical uncertainty
  4. Improving processes of experimentation

You can probably take advantage of the tax credit. Beginning in 2020, the basic credit increased to 20% with a simplified, alternative credit of 14%. 

Choosing Your Pack Leader USA Labeler

Making a decision can be tough, so we’ve made it easier. Download the CBD Industry Guide to Labeling Equipment for even more advice on choosing the right CBD labeling machine. 

Don’t let slow labeling keep you from being competitive anymore! Pack Leader USA is ready to help you apply beautiful, long-lasting labels quickly and accurately. 


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