Compare Pack Leader USA Wrap Around Labeling Machines

Finding the right machine to fit your specific needs can be confusing and overwhelming. Take a look at the comparison chart to get a better understanding of the differences between our equipment. Pack Leader USA is committed to helping you select the best labeling solution for your business.

Model Maximum Label Size Maximum Container Width Maximum Container Height Conveyor Width Maximum Conveyor Speed Maximum Dispensing Speed Maximum Spool Diameter Color Touch Screen Slide Out Controls


Wrap Around

4.75” x 11.8” 6.3” 12" 6.3" 11 yards/min 17.5 yards/min 10” N Y


Wrap Around

6” x 11.8” 4” N/A 3.25" 72.2’/min 131.2’/min 14” Y N


Horizontal Wrap-Around, Neck and Body Labeler

6” x 11.8” 4” 6" 4" 72.2'/min 131.2’/min 14” Y N


Horizontal Wrap Around

6” x 3” 1” 6” 4" 72.2’/min 131.2’/min 14” Y N


Vertical Wrap Around Labeler

7” x 12” 7.25” N/A 6" 72.2'/min 131.2'/min 14" Y Y

 Full Comparison Chart

  • Superior Quality
  • Label Counter
  • Batch Counter
  • Container/Production Run Counter
  • Production Preset
  • Job Memory Storage
  • Label Position Set
  • Drive Stepper Motor
  • #304 Stainless & Anodized Aluminum
  • Assembled/Modified in the USA

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