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Customize your production line with modular labeling equipment that works together seamlessly.

Is your current labeling solution meeting your business needs? Is it efficient, easy to use, and reliable? Do you have confidence in getting it repaired quickly if it should break? Is your system modular, expandable, and customizable to accommodate the growth of your operation?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions, you might be feeling the pinch of those sacrifices. Perhaps it’s time to see what the latest technology advancements in automated labeling machines can offer. Maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

As our name suggests, Pack Leader USA is a leading manufacturer of labeling and packing equipment. Our passion is to help customers like you find the right machinery and perfect solutions for your product line and production goals. With our innovative modular labeling systems, you can add or subtract pieces until you find the optimal setup to fit your needs and space parameters today, as well as grow with your company as needs evolve.

Investing in Quality Is an Investment in Your Future

Rather than mixing and matching random pieces of labeling equipment that don’t work seamlessly together and aren’t effectively meeting your production goals, consider a better solution. Upgrading or purchasing new equipment doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Pack Leader USA can help you design a plan to get you where you want to be.

The beauty of modular labeling systems is that they allow you to start small. For instance, you might begin with a basic labeling machine to get your product line off the ground. When the time comes to expand your operation, you can add a modular printer, making it possible to date stamp your products in no time without changing your entire setup. Later, you can add a pack out table or other accessories to further improve your operation.

By incrementally investing in a Pack Leader USA system, you can be sure that your labeling machine and label printers work well together. This way, you’ll never waste a dollar on equipment that you will eventually have to sell or update to meet your growing needs. Plus, you’ll be in the capable hands of Pack Leader USA experts who will guide you through every step of the process, from choosing the right labeling machine to setup and training to service and support. We build relationships with our customers and aim to be a trusted go-to partner.

With a modular labeling machine system, you’re able to make small investments over time instead of spending a fortune on labeling equipment with features you don’t even need. You’re also able to choose which products and accessories will work best for you. With Pack Leader, starting small doesn’t mean you don't have to settle for less. We're committed to quality at every step of the process.

Modular Label Printer Options 

Modular label printers can serve many purposes in your product line. Most often, they are used to apply batch numbers and date stamps. This is typically required for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food products, but printed codes can be helpful for order fulfillment purposes in the modern warehouse as well.

Pack Leader USA offers three varieties of modular label printer add-ons that are made specifically to work with our labeling machines.


1. ALLEN Hot Stamp Printer: This label printer offers high-speed capacity with up to 800 impressions per minute and fits neatly within your full-scale production line. The temperature control system and timer make it easy to set up and go.


2. ELF Hot Stamp Printer: Designed specifically for use with our small-batch tabletop labeling machines, this label printer is lightweight and easy to use. Though smaller in size, the ELF system offers the same quality as a larger-scale system.


3. MARKEM IMAJE Smartdate X40 Thermal Transfer Printer: This modern piece of technology is changing the landscape of label printers. The system is designed to be extremely efficient, saving your printer ribbon and reducing the amount of power it takes for operation. The Smartdate X40 label printer is capable of high-speed operations in continuous mode. It boasts high-resolution printing for a remarkably clear and easy-to-read stamp every time.

Pack Leader USA is Your One-Stop-Shop

There are many considerations to weigh when purchasing labeling equipment, including speed, compatibility, and price. While there are plenty of standalone labeling machines and label printers on the market that might meet one or two of these criteria, we strongly advise against a hodge-podge Frankenstein approach for your production line design.


Instead, we believe our customers are best served by a cohesive labeling system that includes a labeling machine that is designed to work hand in hand with specific label printers and equipment options, like our tamper-evident shrink-band tunnel. By combining these processes into a single modular experience, companies can save money on production and equipment costs while continuing to expand their product lines. This approach often saves space, and as a bonus, matching equipment looks more professional.

Pack Leader USA stands behind our equipment and is committed to certified service beyond the sale. We keep original parts in stock and even offer pre-packaged spare part kits to further reduce downtime. These details are important, but often overlooked, factors to consider before purchasing any labeling machine or label printer.

Regardless of your current setup, unique needs, or challenges — large or small — Pack Leader USA is here to help. We love coming up with creative solutions to meet specific labeling needs. In fact, our company was built for that very reason, offering an alternative to equipment that is overpriced, overcomplicated, and difficult to customize for existing lines. Our labeling solutions exist to simplify and improve your operation.

Sign up for your free consultation today! Our labeling machine experts are ready to listen, answer your questions, and become an ally on your journey to growth and greater success.

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