Joining the Sports Drink Blitz with Automatic Labeling Machines


Sports drinks and energy drinks have exploded in popularity over the last few years. More and more companies are getting in on the craze with non-carbonated, all natural varieties that are designed to boost energy and restore the body's vitamins and minerals. Of course, competing in this market requires a high level of accuracy and information on product labels to show consumers that your drink offers more benefits than all the others. Automatic labeling machines offer a simpler way to present this information on all your cans, bottles and other containers.

Choosing Automatic Labeling Machines for Wrap Around Labeling

Wrap around labelers come in many sizes and shapes to handle a wide range of sports drink containers. Whether you choose to use cans or bottles, you will need a machine that can deliver reliable results and a high-quality finish.

If you're new to automatic labeling machines, the ELF-50 is a great entry-level option. This tabletop labeler is designed for automatic labeling of small batches of product. If you are running samples of a new sports drink product or testing a new container, the ELF-50 may also serve your needs. It is portable and easy to use without taking up too much floor space in your warehouse.

The PL-501 and the PL-501-NL are the quintessential wrap around labelers for sports drink products today. These fully automatic machines can be used as standalone units or in-line with your bottling equipment. These machines can label hundreds of products per minute with precision. The Neck Label option is perfect for those using contoured bottles and cans that require a second label around the neck.

The PRO-515 is the top of the line wrap around labeler for sports drinks. This machine can handle larger bottles and bottles with semi-flat surfaces. The addition of a full-color touchscreen control panel makes it easy to set up so you can run your production line at full speed without any worries.

What to Look For?

As you shop all of these labeling machines, make sure you are partnering with the right company for service and repairs. Pack Leader USA stands behind all of our products with our in-house service team. Since we work with you during the build and setup process to ensure your labels come off the line smoothly, we also have valuable insight into maintaining your machine for its entire service life.

While many companies are only focused on the speed that their machines run, we want to make sure that each label is applied smoothly and accurately so your sports drinks will look uniform on the shelf. We also want users to feel confident using our machines, so we have built a simple step-by-step setup process that guides you through each product changeover in minutes. You will never have to struggle with hefty user guides and frustrating manual adjustments just to get your products lined up.

Each of these machines has its place in the sports drink market. Whether you are running small batches or you are in a rush to meet customer demands, Pack Leader USA has a machine that is perfect for you. You can also choose from a number of accessories such as the neck labeler and batch printer to further detail your containers.

To learn more about automatic labeling machines for sports and energy drinks, contact Pack Leader USA today. We are happy to schedule a free consultation and offer you incredible customer service as you shop for your next labeler.

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