Wrap-Around Labelers for Lipstick Tubes or Cosmetic Bottles


Cosmetic bottles and lipstick tubes come in a huge range of sizes and styles today. Every cosmetics manufacturer is trying to redesign traditional tubes to stand out on the store shelves. Of course, this means that their labels are also becoming more complex. Choosing the right labeler to handle these diverse cosmetics products is the key to a successful co-packing operation.

Why Wrap-Around Labelers

Statistically, wrap-around labels are the most common way to label cosmetic products. They are among our best-selling labeling machines thanks to their versatility and simplicity. Wrap-around labelers can be used on nearly any container, even those that are not completely round, although much of the cosmetics industry has turned to round containers for the majority of products. Wrap around labels can be easily scaled up or down to fit lipstick tubes, eyeliners, shampoo bottles and more.

Wrap-Around Labelers for White Label Products

The sudden expansion of white-label products and services has also made it important for co-packers to have wrap-around labelers that can easily move from one branding to the next in minutes. These machines can be set up for one particular type of package with quick changeovers between label reels in just minutes without any additional setup time.


Labeling Cosmetic Containers? Get the free guide  Labeling Cosmetic Containers? Get the free guide


Types of Wrap-Around Labelers

Pack Leader USA offers six different wrap-around label options for containers of different sizes and styles. You can choose between entry-level machines and professional high-capacity machines such as:

  • ELF-50 - This table-top labeling machine is designed for small batch labeling at an affordable price. The ELF-50 can handle containers up to 12" high and 6.3" wide. It holds a 10" spool and offers a slide-out control panel for simple operation and setup.

  • PL-501 - This is our most popular wrap-around labeling option as it combines professional-level technology with a convenient, portable package. This high-speed labeler can place hundreds of labels per minute and help you ramp up your production speeds. It includes a color touchscreen control panel that walks you through the setup procedures. The PL-501-NL variant of this machine also includes a neck labeler for bottles that have a separate label near the top of the container.

  • PL-521- The PL-521 was designed to handle very small round containers that are typically unable to stand upright such as lipstick and eyeliner containers. This machine uses a horizontal labeling layout to wrap labels tightly around small containers.

  • PRO-515 - The PRO-515 is a high capacity machine made to handle containers up to 7.25" wide in a vertical configuration. This machine is best used to apply wraparound labels to containers that have flat sides.

Why Choose Pack Leader USA

Pack Leader USA has been leading the way in the labeling industry for many years. We have earned a worldwide reputation for creating quality, reliable labeling equipment. Co-packers turn to us to buy equipment that can handle packages of any size and type. With our color touch screens and simple setup walkthroughs, we've made labeling equipment more accessible and easier to operate. We have also implemented a number of strategies to ensure the accuracy and quality of labels on containers for a more consistent result. Your customers will be impressed with the overall dependability of the products that leave your labeling line. Pack Leader also offers unbeatable customer service to our customers, so you can call us anytime with questions and we'll be here for you.

Your customer's cosmetic bottles deserve a great labeling solution. If you're in need of labeling equipment that can handle whatever your customers throw at you, Pack Leader USA has a solution. Whether you're in the business of white labeling or you have a need for equipment that can handle the tiniest of cosmetic bottles, we've got it all. Get in touch or sign up for a free labeling consultation.

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