Wrap Around Label Applicator for Bottles of All Sizes


Few companies offer their products in only one size. Today, it is much more common to see a product available in three or more sizes including a "value size". However, it can be difficult to find a labeling machine that is capable of handling different bottle sizes without a difficult changeover process. Fortunately with Pack Leader USA you can take advantage of innovative inline wrap around label applicator technology that will give you the results you're looking for.

Why A Wrap Around Labeler?

A wrap around labeler is one of the most logical pieces of equipment for handling your bottles. As your bottles are capped and come off the line, the in-line wrap around labeler will quickly spin a label around the body of the bottle and make sure that the ends are tightly adhered. These wrap arounds are designed to scale up or down so you can go from a 12 oz bottle to a 24 oz bottle with minimal effort and setup.

Challenges Associated with Bottle Labels

There are a variety of challenges associated with labeling bottles. For instance, how do you find one machine that can handle tall skinny bottles and tiny nail polish sized bottles? What about over-sized liter bottles and tapered shape bottles? A wrap around labeler can handle any of these designs with ease thanks to straightforward manual adjustments that adjust the label up or down on the bottle to fit just right.

You also need to think about the bottle material you are using and any special characteristics associated with it. For instance, can the labeler handle glass, plastic or other materials? What about bottles with ridges, bumps or minor imperfections that prevent the label from laying flat across the entire surface? Pack Leader USA's PRO-515 can handle all of these situations

Finally, you need to consider whether you want a full wrap around, or you want a front and back label. Front and back labels are often used on very large bottles and some beer bottles to create a distinguishable space where you can see the product through the packaging. However, this makes the placement of the labels more difficult because you have to line up both labels, as opposed to using a single wrap around label that only requires one setup process.

The perfect wrap around label applicator will be the one that can handle the bottles in your line best. If you offer your products in multiple sizes, it's important to have a machine that can easily adjust up or down accordingly. In addition, you will need to test run your machine with your specific containers to make sure any imperfections, or shape considerations are taken care of ahead of time. With Pack Leader USA many of these concerns are put to rest as we walk you through the initial build and setup of your machine using your materials for a test run to ensure the best possible quality.

To learn more about the PRO-515 and other Pack Leader USA wrap around label applicators, contact us today and schedule your free consultation.

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