Worried About Down Time? Check Out This Easy to Use Wrap Around Labeler


When it comes to choosing new labeling equipment, one of the biggest concerns our customers have is the down time it will take to teach crew members how to use the machine efficiently and accurately. The good news is that Pack Leader USA's PL-501 wrap around labeler offers a simple learning curve so your team members can make the transition quickly with very little training. Before you know it, they will be running this machine like they were born to do it.

One Touch Setup

The biggest problems in labeling occur when you are forced to switch between label reels. Differences in size, placement and materials can all cause hang ups in your line. The PL-501 works to overcome this by offering automatic sensing of label spacing and sensitivity. Just press a button and the machine will detect your label specs quickly without the need for lengthy manual adjustments and test runs.


Production Memory Settings

Not only does the PL-501 do much of the initial setup work for you, it also offers a touch screen control panel and memory bank for pulling up previous settings. If your machine is frequently being used for the same 3-5 jobs, you can simply pull up the settings from the last production run of the same type, and be on your way, eliminating almost all of your down time between runs. This also serves to reduce training time as many of your employees can learn to operate the machine without having to do any setup on their own. They can simply use the saved options that have always worked in the past.

The PL-501 wrap around labeler is truly a magnificent piece of labeling equipment designed to simplify your labeling processes and reduce the stress of integrating new equipment. By automating many of the controls and allowing the machine to transition between presets, your team members can focus more on quality control and less on learning how to navigate menus or dials.

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