Why Choose an Automatic Labeling Machine for Round Bottles?

Why Choose an Automatic Labeling Machine for Round Bottles?


An automatic labeling machine for round bottles can increase productivity by up to 300%.

Labeling round containers such as jars and bottles seems like it would be an easy task — just grab the label and put it on the container. But, once that container is placed on a shelf next to another hand-labeled container of yours, the inconsistencies become apparent as no two labels are placed exactly in the same spot.

The less times that human hands are involved in the labeling process, the better. Machines are faster, more accurate, and more reliable. Tasking an employee with the painstaking task of placing labels on round bottles will grind an entire production line to a halt. Implementing an automatic bottle labeling machine can transform the productivity of your bottling line. 

For maximum graphic design real estate on your bottles, you can use wrap around labels or shrink sleeve labels. Each has advantages and disadvantages. Shrink sleeve labels offer more coverage, don't require adhesive, but are more expensive. Wrap around bottle labelers offer excellent visibility of graphics, a wide array of label materials, and lower costs. No matter which you choose, using an automatic labeer to apply them will increase productivity and output.

Here are more ways an automatic labeling machine for round bottles can boost your bottom line.

Increase Productivity Up To 300%

Increase Productivity Up To 300%

Stepping up from hand labeling or a slow bottle labeler to a dedicated and flexible bottle labeling machine can increase productivity up to 300%. Now, the human hand is a miraculous appendage, capable of near-infinite tasks, but a labeler has one job: label containers. It’s this specialization that allows a bottle label machine to operate at high speeds.

A wrap around labeler’s job is to peel a label off a roll of labels and apply it onto a bottle as it moves through on a conveyor belt. This is a quick process that the machine can do without needing a break or a vacation.

Provide Reliable Accuracy & Consistency

Because your product has 7 seconds to grab customer attention, your labels need to be perfectly applied: no tearing, no bubbling, no scuffing.

When labels are applied by hand, you can expect imperfect work. However, with a machine, you know you're getting a perfect label application that customers demand. Machines spin bottles around as the label wraps on, placing it at the exact same place in precisely the same way every time. A good bottle labeler can do this with consistent pressure and accuracy for hours and hours across days, weeks, months, and years with little downtime. 

Save Time & Money

Even a semi-automatic labeling machine for round bottles will yield a considerable step up in productivity, and a fully automatic bottle labeler will completely remove human hands from interacting with the bottles during labeling. Make no mistake; the reliability offered by machines over hands reduces costs, improves quality, and eliminates safety risks such as repetitive strain injuries and pinching/crushing hazards.

What's the difference between semi-automatic and automatic?

What’s the difference between semi-automatic and automatic?

  • Semi-Automatic: Employees still need to load containers into the machine and make sure they’re lined up. The employee then triggers a switch to begin the labeling process.
  • Automatic: Lines up the containers and applies labels by itself.

Automatic labelers, while more expensive, dramatically increase the rate of production, even over that of semi-automatic labelers. Increasing automation just makes good business sense.

Can Accommodate Different Containers & Labels

Let’s say you have bottles with different diameters and label types (e.g., textured paper labels and smooth vinyl labels). A well-designed bottle labeler should accommodate each container and label type and store each production run in its memory, allowing one machine to handle multiple products. It’s this flexibility that has kept automatic bottle labeling machines in high use.

Easy for Everyone to Use

Labelers with shallow learning curves and easy-to-use screens mean that training is not a long, involved, unpleasant process. If employees can interchangeably use the machine, you don’t rely on one specialist who could get sick or quit. That said, you still want to buy a bottle labeler from a manufacturer who stands by their product with ongoing training, ensuring that employees know how to work the machine and that the machine is delivering on expectations.

Learn More About Automatic Labeling Machines

If you’re ready to watch your production line go from “meh” to “WOW,” then explore Pack Leader USA’s automatic labeling machines for round bottles. We know investing in a new labeling machine can be a nerve-wracking process, so we’re always happy to talk with you in a free consultation. Wave goodbye to hand labeling and say hello to your automated future.