Waterproof Labels for Bottles: How to Protect Your Product

Waterproof Labels for Bottles: How to Protect Your Product

If you are selling a product that is susceptible to being in moist environments, you probably already know that water can be your worst enemy. When your product labels aren't properly protected, they can tear and even disintegrate in the hands of your customers once they come in contact with moisture. Not only is this frustrating for the customer, but this scenario can be detrimental to your brand as a business owner. Additionally, non-waterproof labels can cost you more money in wasted products. 

Maintaining your products’ durability is especially important if they are packaged in bottles. Whether you’re a craft brewery or a skin-care brand, your products are often exposed to water and moisture via coolers or shower steam. Due to the nature of most labeling materials, most of these products can easily fall apart, even with minimal contact. Unfortunately, unprotected products can lead to negative reviews and customer complaints, which are two things no business owner wants.

If your business has experienced this, then you’re probably looking for a solution to keep your bottled product labels from being damaged. Fortunately, one simple solution can protect your product labels against moisture and save you from wasting time and money. Let’s dive into everything you need to know about waterproof labels and how they can protect your bottled products, save you time and money, and ultimately keep your customers happy!

Benefits That Waterproof Labels Provide

Aside from protecting your bottled product, waterproof labels provide other important benefits that you have probably yet to realize. 

Positive Brand Image

Not only can waterproof labels for bottles protect your product, but they can also have a great influence on your brand image. Imagine you’re at a backyard barbeque and brought two different bottled beer brands in a cooler. When you’re ready to have a drink, you open the cooler to find that one of the brands has a soaking wet and torn label, while the other brand is perfectly intact. More likely than not, you will reach for the brand with the intact label. 

When consumers experience this, they may even begin to think less of the brand that has the torn label. Ultimately, the customer doesn't have to even try the product before forming their opinion of the quality of the brand. Ensuring that your bottled product can withstand moist environments will show consumers that your brand pays attention to even the smallest details and is truly high-quality. Additionally, using these labels help build your reputation within your market and showcases your bottled product in the best light possible once it is in the hands of consumers. 

Waterproof Labels Save You Time and Money 

If you do not use waterproof labels, you may have already noticed that you are wasting a lot of money and time when trying to solve your label issue. If your bottled products are susceptible to water damage or condensation, you have more likely than not experienced the pain of losing money on wasted products. This can be frustrating for any business. However, waterproof labels can make your product more durable and prevent your bottle labels from tearing, peeling off, or dissolving, and ultimately keep you from losing money due to damaged labels. 

Additionally, if your labels come into contact with moisture in your production environment, waterproof labels can help you save time. If you catch damaged labels while they are still in your production environment or warehouse, you’ll have to waste time re-applying them before they are sent out. Not only does this cause frustration, but it can slow down your production line and reduce your overall efficiency. Waterproof labels for bottles eliminate this issue and allow you to spend your time on other important business metrics to keep your company moving forward.

How Condensation is Affecting Your Bottle Labels

Condensation is the most common form of water damage that bottled products face, especially beer bottles. 

How to Combat Condensation

We have all experienced holding a wet beer bottle, but did you know that condensation can also occur before your product even gets into the hands of your customer? Multiple factors can contribute to this including your production environment, materials used, and how your products are being handled.

The most important factor to think about when combatting condensation in your production line is the temperature of your environment. Ensuring that your bottled products are being made in a cool, dry space will prevent humidity from attacking your labels. Additionally, if your label materials are not compatible with each other, they may not adhere correctly which could lead to moisture seeping in through any gaps or crevices. Another factor to consider is how your products are being handled. The more contact they face, the more likely the labels are to suck in moisture.

While there are other factors to keep in mind when preventing condensation, it’s important to note that waterproof labels are the best way to minimize the chances of your labels being ruined. 

Waterproof Labels Help You Stand Out

There's no denying that having a durable, high-quality product can help attract consumers to your business. Introducing waterproof labels to your bottled products is a great way to achieve this. This way, your product can be protected from environmental factors and will keep your bottles looking great from start to finish. 

Waterproof labels for bottles can be a great addition to your production line. However, ensuring that these labels are applied correctly every time is even more crucial. 

The Best Way to Secure Your Product Labels

Pairing waterproof labels with a trustworthy and high-quality labeling machine can make all the difference in your production line! Hand labeling is time-consuming, frustrating, and inefficient. That is why making the switch to an automatic labeler for your new and improved waterproof labels is the best decision for your business. 

The Right Labeling Equipment Can Make All The Difference

Choosing the right labeling machine for your business can seem overwhelming at first, which is why we created our Practical Guide to Choosing Labeling Equipment! This free guide teaches you everything you need to know about the process of choosing your labeling equipment, from start to finish.