Using Pressure Sensitive Labelers on Cosmetics


Pressure sensitive labelers offer a superior means of affixing labels to cosmetic containers of any size. They use a simple in-line setup to carefully place labels around cylindrical containers including bottles, jars, tubes and pencils. This makes them a prime choice for cosmetics manufacturers who otherwise struggle to label their products uniformly.

Increased Flexibility

Since pressure sensitive labels are printed independently of the application process, it is also important to note that pressure sensitive labelers offer more flexibility. The labeling equipment can be made to label a wide variety of containers, and change labels when necessary. Stamped labels limit the flexibility of your cosmetics operation by making it difficult and costly to change any aspect of the label once the application process has begun.

Concise Functionality

Since pressure sensitive labelers are individually fitted for each operation, they offer more precise functionality than other options. If you need a labeler that can move through multiple product lines with ease, your labeling machine can be as modular as you need it to be. If you know that your labeling machine will be running one product line full tilt, it can be tuned for that specific purpose so you won't have to worry about setup or unexpected changes in label quality.

Consistent Results

Many cosmetics manufacturers use stamp style labels on their products. However, stamped labels do not always appear consistent on containers. Small pencils and tubes are likely to see a loss of clarity with a stamped label as there is little room for error. Pressure sensitive labelers eliminate this problem because all of the labels are printed in advance on a flat surface before they are placed around your cosmetics container.

Pressure sensitive labelers are a useful tool for any cosmetics company. They can drastically improve the appearance and consistency of label placement as well as reducing waste when changes need to be made. Pressure sensitive labelers come in many sizes so they can handle very tiny products as well as large ones without a problem. They can also serve as a shared resource across multiple product lines which will save you money in the long run.


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