Top and Bottom Labeling Machines for the Fresh Food Industry


The use of a top and bottom labeling machine for your deli or other packaged food items can help reduce the time it takes to get products out the door by simultaneously applying multiple labels at one time. There are a number of different equipment options available, some of them specialized to the type of container you are using. Choosing the right one will put you on the path to ramping up your production schedule. 

Clamshell Labelers

One of the most popular containers in the food industry is the clamshell. Clamshells offer a quick and convenient way to package foods so that they can be stacked and moved easily without being crushed or damaged. In addition, most clamshells are clear plastic, making them a great way to showcase your desserts, pastries or other items. The PL-221D is a top and bottom labeling machine designed specifically with clamshells in mind. Despite the fact that they are one of the staples of the packaged food industry, they require a special level of delicacy to ensure the plastic isn't damage. The PL-221D also makes it easy to adjust labels, switch between multiple label types, and even seal clamshells closed by placing labels across the seam, effectively making them tamper-proof. 

Other Container Types

If you are using trays, plastic boxes, jars or some other type of container, the PL-221 is another viable option. This top and bottom labeling machine is a more versatile, all-around labeler that uses label heads on the top and bottom, timed perfectly to center two labels on the product at one time. It is capable of handling a wide range of package sizes and materials without worrying about damage to the product. 

Top and Bottom Labeling Machine Features

Both the PL-221D and the original PL-221 have included several convenient features which make them easy to operate and use. For instance, the colorful touch screen simplifies setup with a single-button label sensing technology. Hand wheels are also available so that you can make minute adjustments to the label placement by hand. Quality control features like the missing label sensor will stop the machine if a label is missing on the roll, ensuring that nothing leaves your line without the proper designations. Both the top and bottom label heads are synchronized to work together for consistent label placement and adherence. In addition, both machines are relatively small and lightweight so they can be shared between multiple product lines and they include memory features which allow you to save instructions for different label placements. 

Top and bottom labeling machine technology is a huge advancement over single head labelers. Instead of having to run your products through two separate labeling lines and trying to perfect the placement across multiple machines, this equipment streamlines everything into a single step that is easy to set up. No matter what kind of packaging you are using for your food products there is a top and bottom labeling machine out there for you