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Has there every truly been a labeling machine that met all of your organization's needs? If you've had to make sacrifices to your product labeling line with other labeling equipment, we're here to tell you that you can have it all now. With Pack Leader USA's innovative modular labeling systems you can add or subtract pieces until you find the perfect mix of functionality and beauty. For instance, our incredible modular add-on printer makes it possible to date stamp all of your products in no time without changing your entire setup.

Investing in The Good Stuff

Before you spend another second mixing and matching random pieces of labeling gear to achieve your goals, consider whether there is a better solution. With a modular labeling system you can easily start small and grow. This means that you can start with just a basic labeling machine to get your product line off the ground. Then you can add a modular printer when the time comes. Then you can add a pack out table or other accessories as they become necessary. This means that all of the pieces work well together and you never waste a dollar on equipment that you will eventually have to sell or update to meet your growing needs. This also makes it possible to make small investments over time instead of spending a fortune on labeling equipment during the earliest phases of your roll out. You also have the ability to choose those products and accessories that most closely meet your needs, so you won't have to settle for poor quality labels that don't match your specifications.

Why You Want a Printer

Modular printers can serve many purposes in your product line as part of your print and apply labelers. Most often they are used to apply batch numbers and date stamps specific to their production. This is often required for cosmetics and food products that may expire or need to be identified in case of a recall. Here at Pack Leader USA we have three different modular printer add-ons available for this purpose:

  1. ALLEN Hot Stamp Printer - This printer offers high-speed capacity with up to 800 impressions per minute, so it fits cleanly in line with your full-scale production line. The temperature control system and timer make it easy to set this thing up and let it run wild.
  2. ELF Hot Stamp Printer - The ELF hot stamp printer was designed specifically for use with our small batch tabletop labeling machines. This printer is lightweight and easy to use so you can get the same quality batch and date stamps as you would with a larger scale system.
  3. MARKEM IMAJE Smartdate X40 Thermal Transfer Printer - The Smartdate X40 is changing the way we think of printing today. This system is designed to be extremely efficient, saving your printer ribbon and reducing the amount of power it takes to operate your printer. It is also capable of high-speed operations in continuous mode. It comes with higher resolution printing than some other options for a clear and easy to read stamp every time.

While there are plenty of standalone printers on the market, Pack Leader USA believes that our customers are best served by print and apply labelers that work hand in hand with their existing production equipment. By combining all of these processes into a single modular experience, companies can save money on production and equipment costs all while expanding their product lines.

Here at Pack Leader USA we just love coming up with creative solutions to all of your labeling problems. Give us a call today and speak to one of our experts about your next labeling challenge.

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