The Perfect Wrap Around Labeler for Small Bottles


While there are tons of labeling options out there for full size bottles and cans, industries that utilize small bottles such as pharmaceuticals, e-liquids and even essential oils have limited options when it comes to labeling technology. The ELF-50 wrap around labeler for small bottles was designed specifically to meet the needs of these manufacturers. It offers the same speed and quality of a large scale bottle labeler but in a tabletop format. 


The ELF-50 is part of Pack Leader USA's ELF line which is capable of labeling up to sixty bottles per minute. Due to its scale it is a standalone table top machine that can be moved around whenever necessary, even between multiple product lines. Some companies choose to place their ELF-50 on a rolling cart and move it in-line with their production line to minimize downtime and further improve efficiency. 

Label Heads

When it comes to choosing a wrap around labeler for small bottles, it is important to pay particular attention to the label heads on the machine. The ELF-50 is a durable design which is built in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices. The wrap around label heads are perfect for placing small scale labels on small bottles or tiny glass dropper bottles. The precision placement offers a high quality bond with the container to keep labels from peeling, which is essential in all industries utilizing small bottles, and it provides consistent label placement since there is very little room for error on these containers. 


The ELF-50 offers a number of convenient features that make it a natural choice for small scale manufacturers. It has five available memory spaces making it possible for you to save up multiple label designs or layouts at one time. You can switch between the labels at will and move from one batch of product to the next. The ELF-50 also provides a number of preset batch options so you can set a counter that will automatically stop the machine when the desired number of bottles have been labeled. 

If you have been searching for the right wrap around labeler for small bottles, the ELF-50 is a versatile and high quality choice. It provides all of the advanced technologies of a full scale labeling machine in a smaller format. It is a cost effective and convenient way to provide labels for all of your small bottle products at a speed that works with the rest of your production line. 

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