Good Labeling Machines Require Quality Labels


Labeling seems like a very simple process, but what you don’t know might cost you in the long run. You might be thinking, “Labels are just labels. I just need a machine to put my labels on my product.”

However, automating your label application is not always as easy as it seems. Check out the information below about the importance of good labels.

Label Wind

Pre-printed decorative labels are wound in a certain direction on a core. This is called a label wind. Label winds can be #1 through #8 depending on in wound, out wound, and print direction. All of these are very important when designing your labels.

Label Material

Labels are made from many different types of material. This includes paper, paper with UV coat, paper with overlam, or synthetic. Label appearance can be improved with coating or laminate which will improve the performance of your labels. A UV coating is typically a matte or high gloss that is intended to protect against minor abrasion, moisture, and various solvents. Laminates can increase the strength and durability of labels. This includes polyester and polypropylene films, which provide the best protection.

Please remember that every label is designed for a specific purpose and each one performs differently when automatically applied with equipment, depending on environment and substrate.

Label Adhesives

There are many different adhesives that contribute to the success or failure of the application. Rubber-based adhesives are very permanent and economical but lack performance below 20 degrees F. Acrylic-based adhesives have less initial tack but as they sit will become just as permanent as rubber-based adhesives, as well as being resistant to both low and high temperatures. In addition, there are also specialty adhesives that allow a label to be removable or repositionable.

Release Liners

There are several types of release liners – kraft liners, paper liners, and clear polyester liners. The clear polyester, or polypropylene, liners are recommended for high-speed automatic labeling applications.

Pack Leader USA has a knowledgeable staff that will advise of any issues with labels or put you in contact with a label supplier that understands equipment and how to properly design a label to perform at optimal efficiency.

Think Smart. Act Smart. Label Smart.