The Best Labeling Machine & Labels for Energy Drinks & Sports Drinks


Investing in a high-speed labeler is a great way to improve your game, but which one is right for you?

While water is still the gold standard for hydration, consumers often crave something thirst-quenching with a little more flavor or oomph. As a result, sports drinks and energy drinks have exploded in popularity, especially among millennials — with market value expected to reach $169 Billion in the coming years.

With more and more companies joining the non-carbonated beverage craze, we’re seeing a slew of new options emerging (some options are healthier than others). To compete in this market, you need an eye-catching and informative label to showcase what your drink offers, including all those health benefits consumers want most.

Whether your sports drink or energy drink comes in a can, bottle, or unique container, an automatic labeling machine offers an efficient way to label products that looks consistently amazing and entices customers to pick your beverage instead of a competitor. But, which labeling machine is best for your product?

Here’s how to choose the right label and labeling machine for your sports drink or energy drink.


1. Select an appropriate label for your container type.

Labeling machines come in many sizes and shapes to handle a wide range of sports drinks or energy drinks containers. Sports drinks typically come in plastic bottles with irregular shapes that are easy to grip, but tricky to label. Most opt for a wrap-around label made of synthetic material, so using a quality adhesive is a must.

Some energy drinks use a similar type of bottle, but there tends to be a greater variety of containers used in this market — anything from cans to plastic and glass bottles to drink pouches. The type of label you choose will need to correspond to your container. Clear labels and containers are currently trending to allow the beauty of the product to show through, but since energy drink packaging is all over the map, don’t be afraid to be creative and find your own look.

2. Select a labeling machine that will meet your production goals.

No matter which container type or label you choose for your sports drink or energy drink, you’re going to need a machine that can deliver consistent and reliable results with a high-quality finish.


If you're new to automatic labeling machines, the ELF-50 is a great entry-level option. This tabletop labeler is designed for automatic labeling of small batches of product. For instance, if you’re testing samples of a new sports drink flavor or want to try out a new container for your energy drinks, the ELF-50 may be a good fit. It is portable and easy to use without taking up too much floor space in your warehouse.


The next step up in labeling machines would be the PL-501 or the PL-501-NL. The PL-501 series is a great option for the quintessential wrap-around label you see on most sports drink products today. These fully automatic labeling machines can be used as standalone units or in-line with your bottling equipment, allowing you to label hundreds of products per minute with precision. If your energy drink bottle requires a second label around the neck, there’s an option that handles this with ease.


When looking to accommodate a larger bottle or container with a semi-flat surface, the PRO-515 labeling machine is the top of the line for sports drinks and energy drinks. It features a full-color touchscreen control panel, making it easy to set up and run your production line at full speed without any worries.

Here are a few considerations that may help you decide which labeling machine is best for you:

  • Evaluate your current setup. What needs improvement? How much space do you have?
  • Decide how much product you want to move in a given timeframe.
  • Determine what kind of speed you’re hoping to achieve.
  • Consider the future by investing in a machine that will meet your growing needs.

Partnering with an experienced labeling machine vendor can help you wade through these questions and considerations as you choose the best labeling equipment for your sports drink or energy drink bottles.


Here’s what to know before purchasing a labeling machine.

When shopping for a labeling machine, you'll want to ask about the company's service and repair options to make the best investment over the long haul. For instance, at Pack Leader USA, we stand behind our high-quality equipment with an outstanding in-house service team. We also work with our customers to ensure the machine is set up correctly and working efficiently with the rest of the line. 

While many companies are only focused on speed, we make sure that each label is applied smoothly and accurately, so your sports drinks or energy drinks will look uniform on the shelf. We want you to feel confident using our machines, so we've created step-by-step guides to help you set up and maintain each labeler.

We know the food & beverage industry can be incredibly complex and fast-moving, but we're here to help. Never hesitate to contact us with any questions, big or small. 

Have questions? Contact us!

No matter which labeling machine you select for your sports drinks or energy drinks — whether you need small batches or top speeds to keep up with demand — Pack Leader USA has you covered. 

To learn more, watch this video to see our bottle labeling machines in action.