Spare Parts for Labeling Machines – Common Questions Answered


Occasionally even high-quality labeling machines that are built to last need replacement parts.

Thankfully, Pack Leader USA makes it easy to keep spare parts on hand. You can avoid downtime and keep your labeling machine running at maximum efficiency. Better still, the parts are bundled together so that you can save money, too. But even with the obvious benefits, it’s worth weighing the cost versus value. 

Here are some of the most common spare parts questions and considerations. 

Is the upfront investment in spare parts really necessary?

Many businesses don’t have an excess of storage space or extra cash to invest in things they don’t need yet. But that little word – yet – is a huge consideration that can have a costly impact. Is leaving your operation vulnerable to downtime worth the risk?

According to a Vanson Bourne research study, After the Fall, the Costs, Causes & Consequences of Unplanned Downtime, more than 82% of the organizations surveyed were impacted by at least one unplanned outage involving their machinery/assets over a three-year period. The reported impacts of downtime ranged from late fulfillment of orders to upset customers to lost business.


These organizations likely suffered from a reactionary philosophy. As Ben Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

To determine whether you’re adequately prepared, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Does your operating strategy include a regular check of your labeling machine?
  2. Have you previously experienced downtime? If so, have you addressed the catalyst?
  3. Do you have a plan in place if your labeling machine needs a spare part?
  4. How much would each hour of downtime potentially cost your business?
  5. How much downtime is tolerable for your business?

How can we avoid costly downtime?

An ESG survey found that a vast majority of organizations have very little tolerance for downtime. To reduce your risk of labeling machine downtime, keeping spare parts on hand should be a crucial part of your operating strategy.

What is the typical amount of downtime your organization can tolerate from servers for "high priority" production applications/workloads before they make the decision to failover/recover” to a BC/DR secondary site or service provider?



Pack Leader USA is committed to ensuring that your investment operates at maximum efficiency with certified service. This begins with training for your employees and includes a preventative maintenance program for your labeling machine, based on a 50-point inspection. Our certified service technicians are available 24/7 to walk you through any issues by phone, email, fax, or web conference. Having a spare parts kit available onsite greatly increases the chances of a speedy fix, and alleviates further downtime in ordering parts or scheduling a technician to travel to your facility.

Which spare parts should we keep on hand?

For companies who prefer to be prepared, Pack Leader USA has eliminated the guesswork and assembled a kit of the spare parts needed to keep your labeling machine up and running.


Our pre-packaged spare parts kits are designed specifically for each machine. We have extensive experience with all of our labeling machines and understand how wear and tear will affect each of them. We also know which parts will need to be replaced first.

To bring you peace of mind and help maximize productivity, each customized collection contains the spare parts you’re most likely to need for your machine — all bundled into a convenient kit. For further reassurance, our technicians regularly update and refresh our spare parts kits, so you can be confident that kits are complete and of the highest quality.

Why should we purchase our spare parts kit from Pack Leader USA?

Save money. Your Pack Leader USA spare parts kit is priced at a 20% discount — so you’ll receive significant savings as opposed to purchasing parts individually. And since every kit is customized to match a corresponding labeling machine, you’ll get just what you need. You won't pay for or be stuck with shelving unnecessary parts. 

Save time. Purchasing a kit ensures that you will have the spare parts you need on hand, at all times. This allows you to get your labeling machine fixed quickly, rather than suffering stressful downtime while waiting on individual parts to ship.

High-quality parts that are built for your equipment. Having a spare parts kit guarantees that you will have genuine Pack Leader USA original parts in stock, at your disposal. If you chose to buy parts elsewhere in a pinch, we cannot guarantee the fit or quality (in fact, alternative parts may cause damage to your labeling machine).

Do we need a spare parts kit for a new labeling machine?

If your labeling machine is brand new, it may be tempting to think that you don’t need spare parts on hand. While this sounds like a logical assumption, the reality is that brand new, high-quality, thoroughly-inspected machines are not bulletproof. Even the very best equipment is subject to error or improper use.

Having spare parts available for replacement right away is always a good idea regardless of the age of your labeling machine. Protecting your investment today can save you significant time and money down the road. It can also help reduce your stress level, both today and in the future, to know that you’ve got the spare parts you need to mitigate potential downtime.

Protect your machine investment with a spare parts kit from Pack Leader USA. Stock your shelves today and avoid downtime to keep your machines running at maximum efficiency.  

How can you order a spare parts kit? 

Pack Leader USA has made it easy for you to be proactive and prepared. Simply head over to our spare parts page to learn more or contact our Parts and Service Department by phone at 816.788.6689 or email at

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