Shrink the Cost of Labeling with Shrink Labels


If you're getting ready to expand your operation to include new products, but you're worried about the cost of packaging materials, shrink labels might be the answer for you. Shrink label machines offer more flexibility for any canning operation and allow you to quickly change between multiple product lines in minutes. They also allow you to save a significant amount of money by batching products effectively.

Increase Your Production Speed

One way to save money on labels is to simplify and speed up the labeling process, saving you time and labor costs. Since shrink labels typically offer 360 degree coverage of your containers, it takes far less time to get labels placed correctly because they will shrink into place and cover the entire container. In fact, shrink labels simplify the application process for cans, jars and even small tube containers due to the uniformity of a full coverage label. You won't have to worry about movement or misalignment. The faster your line moves, the less you are paying in labor per unit produced.

Product Batching

Shrink labels also offer a huge cost savings by allowing you to order the minimum number of labels required for a batch of a particular product. This way you can purchase your plain aluminum cans or other containers in bulk and save on the cost per unit. Meanwhile, you will not have to worry about waste from extra printed cans that can't be used for anything else. There's no need to store extra cans for product lines that you're not currently working on because all of your cans become multi-purpose.

Combining Processes

Tamper proof labels are also a big part of many canning operations. With pre-printed cans, the addition of a tamper evident label requires a secondary process, and purchasing of extra components. Shrink labels consolidate this process into one quick step. As the sleeve drops down over the container it automatically covers the top and seals it against tampering. No extra labels or steps required.

Shrink labels make it easy to save money on your labeling process by eliminating wasted steps and materials. Shrink sleeve labels provide high quality labeling with built in tamper evident features. They make it easy to switch between product lines with no additional set up because all of the base materials share the same size and properties. They also make it possible to speed up your entire product line so you can produce more finished products for every hour of labor put in.

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