What Makes Shrink Sleeve Labels So Special?


Why are more and more companies turning to shrink sleeve labeling these days? The simple answer is that shrink sleeves provide incredible quality and consistency no matter what you're labeling. While some labeling options are only suited to specific types of containers, shrink sleeves can be created for containers of any shape.

Thinking Outside the Bottle

Now that we've mastered the sciences of extruding and forming plastic, aluminum and glass, it seems that companies have gone off the deep end trying to make their products stand out. This has led to a number of strangely shaped containers in recent years. Even little changes, like dimples in the side of a bottle, can drastically affect the way that a standard label would adhere to the surface. Thus, the labeling industry also had to evolve to take on these new challenges. This led to a more inclusive form of labeling known as shrink sleeves.

Why We Love Shrink Sleeves Today

There are many reasons that we've all come to know and love shrink sleeve labeling in recent years. One of the biggest reasons is that it offers full-body labeling of any style container. Few other labeling options can take advantage of container real estate the way a shrink sleeve label can. Since there are no seams in the label, and it doesn't need to meet end to end perfectly, you can make better use of the space on your products. This is a big marketing opportunity, top to bottom and in 360 degrees.

In addition, shrink sleeve labels are smoother and more consistent. They don't get snagged or torn off during shipping. The label sticks so cleanly to the surface of the container that they might as well be one. This was a huge step forward in terms of quality when it came to the consumer end of things.

Finally, shrink sleeve labels are one of the only water resistant labeling options available to this day. This means your products will stand up to condensation and other environmental challenges that would otherwise cause the ink to smear or the label to tear. You could hardly ask for a better set of qualities all in one place.

No matter what type of products you are labeling today, we're confident that shrink sleeve labels can help you enhance your product's appeal. Shrink sleeves offer greater consistency and uniformity in placement, and can be put to the test once your products leave the warehouse. Shrink sleeve labeling has become easier than ever with high quality and efficient labeling machines that are capable of placing and heating shrink sleeve labels in record time.

Pack Leader USA offers three incredible shrink sleeve labeling options ranging from small batch labeling to large-scale production. To learn more about these machines and how they can change the face of your products overnight, give us a call or fill out our contact form below. We are ready for any kind of container you have in mind and we'll be happy to explain how the process works.

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