Shrink Labels Make Curvy Containers Look Good


Your design team worked long and hard to create a beautiful, unique label designs for your product. However, all those curves and accents make it nearly impossible to lay down a label using conventional equipment. In order to eliminate bubbles, tears and wrinkles in your labels, you must turn to a different kind of labeling technology to fix your problem, shrink labels.

Form Fitted

Shrink labels are applied by placing a sleeve over your container and then using heat to shrink the label into place. As the label restricts around the container, it naturally contours to the surface and stretches itself into place. Since the material itself actually changes size and shape throughout the process, you are not left with excess label which would cause uneven application. Your labels will be specially designed to ensure that as the label shrinks and stretches, the legibility of your text and the clarity of your images are preserved.

Stand Out

The application of shrink sleeves opens up the world of possibility for your branding efforts. You can get as creative as you want with your product designs because you can always fit your label to whatever shape you choose. In a world of boring cylinders, you can add a touch of intrigue in your visual display.

Many manufacturers today use shrink labels to enhance their products visibly with high quality labels. Shrink sleeves leave little room for error, and ensure that labels do not come loose once they are in place. They are also made with highly resilient materials that are less susceptible to tearing and damage on the way to retail shelves.

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